Gigging for it!

Last night we went to Northampton Soundhaus to see Snow Patrol, who really rocked. A friend of U’s had got the tickets and is a big fan, but up till then I’d never heard of them. Bel thoug... Read More

Flapping about

Starting to panic a bit .. I spent a couple of hours on Saturday fitting catflaps so that the cat can gome and go as she pleases when we are on holiday, but she is terrified of the things and won̵... Read More


Craze of the week in our house is BookCrossing. Basically it’s a way of sharing your books with others and tracking where they go. You read a book, register and review it on the site and get a s... Read More

Back to scratch

Owing to various technical hitches I’ve managed to screw up my old blog Blue is the Colour. Bugger, So I’ve decided to start from scratch, and include the remnants of my old website (all f... Read More