Good news!

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Ulen and I went to Paris at the weekend. We had a wonderful time, and on Sunday evening, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, in howling winds, I proposed to him and he said yes!... Read More

Merry Xmas

Take a look atWelcome to Ugly Christmas!if you want to be put off your Xmas dinner … mind you, they don’t even compare to some of the appalling attempts at “festivity̶... Read More

So true!

Make sure you try this … type “miserable failure” (without the quotes) into Google and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button ….... Read More

Crazy M

Dan has decided he’d quite like his favourite clown Crazy M to do the entertainment at his birthday party next month, so I did some investigation on the internet. Turns out she and her “si... Read More

The Stansfield Times

The Stansfield Times: “THE place for all the Stansfield family news. If you’ve got something to say, an announcement to make, a link to post or just want a moan, do it here! Any family mem... Read More