Merry Xmas

Take a look atWelcome to Ugly Christmas!if you want to be put off your Xmas dinner … mind you, they don’t even compare to some of the appalling attempts at “festivity̶... Read More

So true!

Make sure you try this … type “miserable failure” (without the quotes) into Google and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button ….... Read More

Crazy M

Dan has decided he’d quite like his favourite clown Crazy M to do the entertainment at his birthday party next month, so I did some investigation on the internet. Turns out she and her “si... Read More

The Stansfield Times

The Stansfield Times: “THE place for all the Stansfield family news. If you’ve got something to say, an announcement to make, a link to post or just want a moan, do it here! Any family mem... Read More

How come kids have all the fun? The kids are having a great time at Playzone and I’m sitting here bored out of my skull, not even able to read because the kids are so noisy. Roll on Monday when ... Read More

Sitting in Starbucks in the retail outlet in Swindon, having had a row in Clarks about which shoes my son will permit himself to year for school. He hates all of them, apparently, so on doubt there... Read More