A Simple Life

I struggled to know what to write about in this blog post because my life has become so simple and peaceful – and probably very boring to anyone observing from the outside! It’s lovely, don’... Read More

Holiday in the UK

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It’s been ages since I wrote a blog post, and I guess that’s because I’ve simply been getting on with enjoying my new life here in the tiny village of Coelhosa, near Gois. I’m feeling very set... Read More

10 Days of Solitude

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I’ve been in Coelhosa nearly a fortnight now, and in Portugal nearly six months – how the time has flown! Considering I came here to “scratch an itch” and was almost certain I wouldn’t like ... Read More

Moving On

Here in Portugal, June is most definitely the month of the grass seed. They get everywhere – in my boots, in my socks, I even found one in my pyjamas last night! Who would believe a simple seed coul... Read More