#101: Make a film and put it on YouTube COMPLETED (kind of!)

Why it’s on the list: I have actually done this already …. there is a very short film of Katie blowing out her birthday candles … but I’d like to actually make some sort of film that people will want to watch, be it a video blog, a collection of stills or something completely different!

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I can link from here to my own creation on YouTube.

04.05.10 Katie had a pinata for her 16th birthday party. I was tasked with holding the stick that it hung on out of her bedroom window, but then the string snapped and they ended up breaking it open as it lay on the floor. I filmed the end result – swarms of kids cooing over plastic trash, sweets and party poppers – which was quite funny. it’s on YouTube so I’ll consider this task completed – but may try and improve on the result with a better (edited!) film sometime in the remaining OK I am going to cross this one off the list – though I may improve on my contribution to YouTube in the remaining 976 days of the challenge!

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