Truck 13 review – Day 1


Wow. This weekend we went to Truck 13, my 8th Truck festival. If you’ve never heard of it, Truck is a small music festival held in Oxfordshire. It was the creation of two brothers, Robin and Joe Bennett, who wanted to be able to play in their band at a festival, but knew they’d never be picked for Glastonbury – so they created their own mini-Glasto! Truck is a fantastic mix of music, covering everything from rap to folk, and it’s really family-friendly too. The locals get involved as well – the Oxford Rotary Club man the food stalls and bar, and the Steventon vicar sells ice creams on the sweet stall!

Anyway, we had a fabulous time at Truck 13 last weekend. Here’s a quick rundown of who we saw. Continue reading

Truck 13 review – day 2


So I woke up on Sunday morning, having had about half an hour’s sleep, in a bit of a grump. Soon sorted that out with a bacon roll, coffee and an iced coffee milkshake from the Rotary people, yum! We had been worried about the weather over the weekend but Sunday turned out to be as lovely as Saturday, if not warmer.

We started the day in the Village Pub stage again with another band we’d never heard of – Minor Coles. Really impressive – good bouncy rock, not too heavy but had its moments, and the two guitarists also alternated with the singing – one had a quite soft sweet voice and the other’s was harder and rockier but could go gentle too. Made for some nice harmonies. Was good to have Joe Bennett doing a trumpet guest spot too! Continue reading