Yet another new addition to the family!!


The kids have been on about wanting a kitten for ages. I wasn’t so sure but eventually said yes, we’d get one after our holiday. As I’m involved with West Oxfordshire Cats Protection I knew that they had lots and lots of kittens to rehome so I mentioned to them that we might be looking for a kitten …a couple of days after we got back from our holiday I had a phone call! Teddy was local to me and looking for a new home …

We went to see Teddy and everyone fell in love with this energetic little black and white kitty. The deal was done and I found myself bringing him home that day! The kids were over the moon but our other cat Chester wasn’t impressed – especially as he was already feeling sorry for himself as he had an injury and had to wear an anti-scratch collar for a few weeks.

Anyway, Teddy (silly name!) soon became Socks and after a gradual introduction and a little bit of animosity, within just a few days Chester was beginning to accept his new housemate.

My friend Mark came down the weekend after we adopted Socks and made this lovely film!

In memory of Peaches


We were devastated when our lovely cat Peaches died last summer. She had acute kidney failure and went downhill really quickly – on the Friday she seemed absoluytely fine and five days later we had to have her put to sleep. Tragic.

We buried her in the garden and planted a rosebush in her memory. It was a pathetic looking thing to be honest, just a stick. But Peaches has proved to be good fertiliser Peaches’ spirit lives on as the plant is now covered in beautiful peach coloured flowers. The photo above was the first one to open.

RIP Peaches. Gone but never forgotten.