iPhone app – Geocaching


I first tried Geocaching a couple of years ago, after some BookCrossing friends told me about it. At the time I had an O2 XDA Mini S phone and found a free GPS app for it, and I bought a bluetooth GPS receiver on ebay for a fiver. I thought my kids would love it – a walk in the countryside with an end goal, the modern day treasure hunt. The first cache we found was Clumping Around at Badbury Clump, on a day out with a friend. I thought it was really exciting; he humoured me but the kids just thought it was boring! I made my son come with me to find another cache, the one near Faringdon Folly (now gone), and while he seemed to enjoy himself at the time but then  he said he’d never do it again. Boo. As it was, the phone packed up shortly after that and I never got round to buying a proper GPS receiver to have another go.

Until now, because I discovered the iPhone Geocaching app. Continue reading

iPhone app – MoreLomo


I’ve been interested in lomography for a while after I saw some pics taken by a friend with a Lomo camera. I loved the unpredictability of the results – the vignetting, the colour saturation and the overall snapshot quality brought something different to the pictures. I’ve even gone as far as looking at Lomo cameras on ebay but never got round to buying one – partly because, having got used to digital cameras, I didn’t want to go back to film!

So you can imagine I was pretty excited to come across various lomo apps for the iphone.  Continue reading

My iphone – fun and games!


OK so I’ve had my iPhone a couple of weeks now … and I have to say I love it. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve bought a snazzy purple case and screen protectors to make sure I don’t damage it – because I’m not the most careful of people. I love the ease with which I can check both my work and home emails, and I love being able to get to Twitter and Facebook quickly through their apps (I use Echofon for Twitter at the mo.) I like the way the text messages are displayed, in conversational threads, and I love the fast smooth scrolling of the screen.  I’ve also been having fun downloading apps!

All but one of the apps I’ve tried so far have been free – good job given that someone told me that downloading every app would cost around $3million! I’m amazed at the variety and quality of most ( but not all) of them. So far I’ve enjoyed playing with games like Bubble Wrap and Mancala, the demo of Angry Birds, VoicePlus (voice changer) as well as useful things like AllAround, iFootie, the F1 app and the Independent newspaper. Having the Sky+ app is also fab as I can set my box to record wherever I am!

However, I have two clear favourites at the moment – MoreLomo and Geocaching and I’m going to do a little review of each in the next posts.  I may well add further reviews as I get to play with more apps.

Oops ….


I’ve just given in to temptation and ordered an iphone upgrade.

Thanks to O2’s stupid website I’ve accidentally ordered a white one. During my original order – for a black one – the site crashed at the confirmation page and I wasn’t sure whether it had gone through or not, but pressing Confirm again brought up a “multiple orders not allowed message”. So I called customer service and the woman said that she couldn’t see an order, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t one, but she thought they might be out of stock anyway, but then again she wasn’t sure. But if I had ordered, it wouldn’t let me order again. Cheers, that’s helpful!

So I did the order again but accidentally clicked on the white phone, didn’t realise till I got the “congratulations, your order has been processed” screen. But then got no confirmation number, no email, nothing on the O2 order page for a good hour or so.

But it is showing up now. A white iphone. Hmm. Not such a bad thing really. Everyone I know has a black one, so I can keep up my bid to be different!

Am now itching to play with it! Roll on Tuesday!