Watch out if you cancel your Sky subscription (AKA Sky sucks!)

I’ve been having wrangles with Sky over the cancellation of my account with them …. I’ve just sent their complaints department the following very long email which explains the situation.

The issue below has now been resolved but I am not at all happy with the service I received and would like to place my complaint on record.

I phoned Sky in mid Jan 2012 to cancel my account – I was moving house soon and wasn’t taking the service with me, for various reasons. I was told I had to give 31 days’ notice so it was agreed the account would be cancelled on 8th Feb 2012.

On 29th Jan my son wanted to watch the WWE pay per view but for some reason we couldn’t book it via the Sky box. I phoned customer services to find out why and was told that PPV services were suspended as soon as a cancellation notice had been lodged. I wasn’t at all happy about this – as far as I was concerned I was paying for Sky services till 8th Feb and expected to receive the full service – including the right to purchase PPV events – until the cancellation date. After about an hour on the phone to several different departments and a request to speak to a manager I was told the cancellation could be suspended to allow purchase of the PPV and that it could be cancelled with immediate effect on 8th Feb, as originally agreed, so long as I phoned Sky cancellations dept on that day.

On 8th Feb I called Sky cancellation services dept to request the immediate cancellation of my account, as advised, and was told that it was not possible to do that as Sky’s computer systems were being upgraded. I was asked to call back on 10th Feb. I said that was not possible – I was flying out of the country early on the 9th to Egypt and would not be able to call the following day. I asked that a note be placed on my account to say that I had called to cancel the account and that it should be cancelled with immediate effect as agreed. I then left the UK for a holiday, expecting the account to be cancelled by the time I returned.

On my return, and having completed the house move, I checked my bank account and discovered that the Sky account was still active and I had been billed for services from 21st Feb to 21st March (as well as the PPV fee, which of course I was happy to pay.) On 27th Feb I contacted Sky again to find out why the account hadn’t been cancelled as requested. During an hour long phone call I was told that there was no way it could have been cancelled while the systems were down – I told the customer service rep that this was not my issue, and I explained that I had requested that a note be left on my account to say I had called, asking for the cancellation to go through and saying that I was going to be out of the country and unable to call back. I was also told that a refund of the money taken would not be possible, and that I could now cancel my account – but only by giving 31 days’ notice; cancelling with immediate effect was also not possible. By this time I had moved out of the house where the Sky account was – so theoretically the next tenant could be watching Sky at my expense for the next month! I was incredibly unhappy with the response of the customer service guy – who was very friendly but decidedly unhelpful. Eventually I asked to speak to a manager and surprise surprise, after waiting a while I was told that the account had been cancelled with immediate effect and a refund of the £51.51 for services from 21st Feb to 21st March would be in my account within the next 28 days. Amazing what can happen when you demand to speak to a manager …

So finally my issue seems to have been sorted out, but not without several very long and costly phone calls to Sky. However, I am annoyed with several features of your “customer service” and would request that you address the following matters to save other customers going through the same as me:

1. Services should not be restricted once a customer has given 31 days’ notice of cancellation. Just because the customer is leaving Sky doesn’t mean they are any less important during their final month, especially given that they are still paying for the service. If services are going to be curtailed in any way once a customer has given 31 days’ notice then you should make that very clear on the phone, so that future problems re: ordering PPVs etc do not occur.

2. Your customer service agents should make notes of EVERYTHING that’s discussed in phone calls, not just the bits that they think are important. In my call on 29th Jan it was made very clear by the agent I spoke to that their manager had given authorisation for the account to be cancelled WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT on the 8th Feb so long as I called on that day – but that wasn’t recorded in your notes so I was told later I had to give 31 days’ notice. It also wasn’t noted down that when I called on the 8th and was told the systems were down and I would need to call back on the 10th, that I stated that I would be out of the country and unable to call.

3. If your systems are unavailable for any reason then that is your problem, not the customer’s. If a customer calls to confirm a cancellation then you should make a note of that and action the cancellation as soon as you are able to – you shouldn’t put the onus on the customer to call again, especially when they have been given a specific day to call in the first place and then it turns out you can’t help them on that day.

4. Please make it easy for customers to deal with you, especially when the errors are on your part. It shouldn’t involve phone calls an hour long and the intervention of a manager for customers to cancel services that should have been cancelled already.

I hope now this issue is resolved, and I will be keeping an eye out for the promised refund. Suffice it to say that as a result of this experience I will never consider becoming a Sky customer again.

Alison Neale




I did receive a reply from Sky … but I have sent my comp[laint back to them because I really don;’t think the reply does a good job of addressing any of the issues I raised!

I’m sorry to know that you’ve faced a lot of problems with your Sky account.

We’re sorry to learn that you had cancelled your account as we did appreciate your custom with, however, on checking you records I can see that you cancelled your account on the 27/02/2012.


As you’ve requested for a refund, there is no information wherein you are due a refund, so I’m unable to process your request.

I hope this information has helped with your enquiry. If you require any further assistance, you can respond to my email. You can also contact our Customer Services team on 08442414141, where one of our advisors will be happy to help.

Kind regards


Sky Help Centre


FURTHER UPDATE: I did finally get my money back from Sky, but only after another two emails. At one point they told me I wasn’t going to get a refund at all – despite them promising me one on the phone- but eventually I did get my money back – though it probably cost me as much in phone calls and time spent arguing my case! So they kind of came good in the end – but the whole experience has left a very bitter taste in my mouth and I certainly won’t be returning to Sky in the future.

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41 thoughts on “Watch out if you cancel your Sky subscription (AKA Sky sucks!)”

  1. Why do large corporates still insist on being process led rather than customer led. I’m sure the intention is good, but the execution from the customer’s perspective is frequently really poor. And why does the customer have to wait 28 days to get their money back? Oh yeah! that will be a process again. You shouldn’t have to insist on speaking to a manager – empower the staff.
    I might even know someone who can help with that.

  2. Maybe you should give them a call! It seems that customer services staff are restricted in what they can actually do to the point that they say things are “impossible” – but not when it’s a manager controlling the keyboard! Very frustrating …

  3. The current price rise was the last straw so I’m going through the same process, it’s a bit like talking to insulation, it all goes in and nothing comes out. They hide behind process and the Data Protection Act that they don’t understand and interpret it to their own advantage, plus a long time on the phone, that’s if they actually answer (have already had 20 mins holds).

    From your experience it looks as if I’m in for a long fight.

  4. Yesterday, I attempted to get through to anybody at Sky that would understand that I wanted to cancel my subscription……it seams no such person exists! Regardless of my reasons, once I’ve made the decision it should be respected as a paying customer.

    In the end, I emailed their CEO outlining once more what my intention was, in the hope that he could find somebody with the wherewithal or authority to do such a thing. For anybody who’s interested, his email address is

    Haven’t had a reply yet but will keep you up to date 🙂

  5. Good luck! They really are the most difficult company to work with. I actually feel quite sorry for the guys on the phone, I know it’s not their fault and they’re simply following a script, but they must have to take a lot of abuse from unhappy customers!

  6. I tried to give my notice to cancel my subscription on 15th of March after waiting to get connected to the right department I got through to a customer adviser, I explained that I would like to give my notice. He wanted to know why I wanted to leave sky, I explained that I couldn’t afford payments any longer to due loss of income, suddenly the phone went dead.

    So I called back again and explained what had just happend, the advisor explained that the same thing wouldn’t happen with him, I was told that I couldn’t give my notice on that day and the optimum day to give notice would be on the 21st of March.

    So I called sky back again today but this time I was told that I couldn’t give my notice because I took out a multi room option 2 weeks after the installation and I would have to wait till 2nd of march before I give notice, by this time I really upset about the whole situation. I’m none wiser of what is really going, I felt like there was some elaborate game that was going on to deter me from cancelling my account with them. Only god knows what will happen when I call back on the 2nd they may change the notice date again.

    I will never use sky again or recommend them.

  7. I am having similar problems. Cancelled my Sky subscription and broadband in August 2012 yet seven months on I am still receiving invoices on a monthly basis (fortunately I had cancelled my DD. They even referred one invoice on to a debt collection agency.

    Only last week they sent me yet another invoice, I called them explained the whole story yet again. I insisted this be escalated to a manager seven times, yet they still wouldn’t pass me on.

    All I want is one person to take sole responsibility for closing my account – how difficult can it be?

    To add insult to injury, each time I call them I get a customer satisfaction form to complete – I am not amused!

    I have now written to Sky, sent a copy to the Ombudsman enclosing all the correspondence with Sky. I have also sent Sky an invoice for my time and call charges for each time I have called them over the last seven months.

  8. Guess what. We’ve just spent well over 1.5 hours on three calls to Sky to cancel our SkyTalk, Sky Broadband and Sky TV subscriptions – because we’re moving house.

    Their representatives seem determined to keep us on the phone as long as they could, they failed on two occasions out of 3 to cancel anything, they argued over what dates our subscriptions could be cancelled and I’m not entirely certain that they’ve finished the job yet.

    Oh – and that was AFTER two letters were received, one on the 16th April 2013 saying that our SkyTalk was being cancelled (on 11th April 2013) because someone else had requested it and one received on the 22nd saying that our SkyTalk was being cancelled on the 17th!

    I really can’t work out whether they are stupidly incompetent or deliberately obstructive – but I’m very sure that the culture is set from the top in any organisation. I can only assume that Rupert Murdoch doesn’t give a **** about his customers.

  9. P.S. Has anyone reading this tried complaining to Ofcom?

  10. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve now been trying to cancel my sky services since 3rd March and still somehow seem to have a live service AND lost £70 to boot! I’ve complained (formally) once and had the most ridiculous response, complaint no 2 just been sent – let’s hope it gets resolved soon or I’ll be involving the press!

  11. Last week, I had a call informing me that my insurance for my Sky box was due, but they couldn’t tell me why since my first insurance had been taken out in November 2007. I refused to pay and was told I would be responsible for call out fees of £65 for any future problems. One hour later, my Sky TV showed ‘no satellite reception’ and promptly went off. Both I and my son then contacted Sky who said that there would be a £65. charge for a call out even when told that another TV set in the same house was still connected via the same satellite dish!!! After a lot of discussion I was offered a call out for £40. which I refused. I am still not satisfied that it was not coincidental the fault developed within such a short period of time. I am now cancelling my 20 or so years as a Sky subscriber and anticipate a battle since I am not prepared to give 31 days notice. Particularly since I had no fewer that 15 engineers to install multiroom when I moved here 6 years ago but they were unable to complete an installation and I was subjected to having to keep inconvenient appointments over the run up to Christmas. I had no apologies or refund of my subscription with no explanation of what was causing the problem – the engineers simply ceased visiting. As for customer services – what service do they give, I wonder, they were simply no help to me.
    I have since discovered that should I rejoin as a new customer, I would have free insurance for a year and a lower set of premiums. So if you are a new customer, you get service but being a long term customer, you get nothing. BEWARE ANY FUTURE NEW CUSTOMERS. YOU’RE ONLY OK FOR A YEAR.

  12. It’s madness, isn’t it? You’d think they would want to look after their loyal customers first and foremost – but in so many sectors now it seems loyalty counts for nothing. I wish you luck with your battle …

  13. as with all major companies the customer means nothing to them just milch cows i bought a 3d television and got sky 3d having to pay the maximum subscription for the privilege al sky 3d consists of is repeats despite paying a whacking 64.00 pounds a month if you want to watch a 3d film you have to pay extra this is the biggest con imaginable DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SIGN UP FOR SKY 3D what these major companies do to their subscribers is unbelievable

  14. Sky’s contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on and the accounts department believe they are above the law of the land. Because of their own error They failed to collect from my Direct Debit properly as agreed. Because of that they “restricted” my viewing. They then billed me for two months even though I had not had the service. Every contract is whereby the subscriber receives “consideration” for monies paid. I am refusing to be blackmailed by them as they have broken the contract themselves. This negates my having to give notice etc. I have been with them for over 20 years… they will not only lose my account but 27 other accounts under my control. I advise others to stand up to these bullies and defend your rights under English contract law

  15. Too often it seems that big companies pull out all the stops to get you to sign a contract with them but once youve been with them for a while they take you for granted. New customers get all the good deals long term customers rarely get rewarded. Consequently everyone is perpetually bouncing between service providers. If SKY treated their loyal customers better I’m sure they’d probably end up making a lot more!

  16. I have so much trouble with sky I have asked to be fixed and making promises that they tend to not have record of my feelings go out to you. I been off line so many times and the cost is £100 approx. and still don’t have all I should. IF they fix all the problems maybe I would not be wanting to leave. But as it is I am leaving as soon as possible. I hope your get your money .if they sorted out it be much better all round. All they doing is loosening customers. In the end they have none .

  17. That’s the thing, no company is perfect but when things go wrong you can forgive them if the customer service is friendly and helpful!

  18. Well done you we had no end of issues with the broadband service, paying and not getting and then told we were mis-sold it as well, never had any compensation for the lack of broadband service, but we felt like we were being messed about wiuth our own suspicions on a nearby school causing interference, BT engineers were coming to the house 2 in a week sometimes to find the problem before one of the sat outside ths school and stated the reins test actually shook his van, confirming our suspicions, but nothing was taken seriously by Sky until I sent a diretc email to the CEO of Sky.

    If we pay for a service, we should get that service, if not, then some compensations should be made out of goodwill and loyalty

  19. I have attempted to cancel my sky account, and this is what happened.

    First I logged on to ‘mysky’ online account and followed and cancellation procedure, at the end, it said the cancellation had not been accepted, and a sky representative would call me to confirm that I wanted to cancel.
    The following day I received a call from sky on my mobile phone. I provided my name, address, postcode and telephone number, but he refused to believe it was me and asked me to provide my password. I refused, because you should not get asked for your password, he promptly informed me that I had failed authentication and that the cancellation would not go ahead.
    I then logged into mysky again and used the web chat to ask to cancel, they refused to cancel.

    I then phone the sky provided number, so now it is costing me money to cancel. They keep me on hold while connecting to the right department, I eventually am put through, but as soon as I say cancel, I am cut off.
    I ring a second time, and this time I am put on hold multiple times as I attempt to cancel. Eventually, I am getting to the point were everything is done, and the line goes dead again.
    I ring a third time, only to be told that the cancellation department is closed, I ask to speak to a manager, more time on hold, then I am told my account has been cancelled.
    I haven’t had the phone bill yet so I do not know how much that episode has cost me.

    But that was not the end.

    Believing my account was cancelled, and knowing that I paid 1 month in advance, I cancelled my direct debit.

    When the payment date next came around, sky emailed me saying that they could not take payment, and my cancellation would not proceed until I paid. I asked for the outstanding balance which they twice refused to provide. They insisted I pay another month, and if I did not, they would suspend my account until I did pay, the cancellation would be void, and I would need to provide another months notice taking me into another payment period when I would need to pay yet again.

    I saw on the sky forum that once you are trapped in this loop the ‘debt’ mounts up, and they send a debt collection agency after you.
    So I paid another month, and then requested that sky repaid the balance on my account that I had already prepaid in advance. They REFUSED.

    I am only trying to cancel my account, and yet they are employing all these tricks to get additional money before letting me go.

    They have probably cost me a few pounds in phone calls, and they owe me less than £10 from the advance payments I have made. This is not causing me a financial problem, I just find it hard to believe that they can get away with this sort of behaviour. It obviously isn’t a one off thing, because searching for ‘sky sucks’ brings up plenty of similar items.

    So…. because they have refused to repay my outstanding balance, I have notified them that we are in dispute and that I intend to refer the dispute to the ombudsman, this requires an 8 week wait. I will come back then to describe what happens.

    It is a shame that these incidents are scattered all around, It would be good if they could all be collected in one place and then forwarded to the regulating body.
    If sky does the same to every customer that cancels, and extracts an additional £10 each time, is that even legal?

  20. I have had similar problems cancelling Sky. £17.00 worth of phones calls and no results, they are now sending around the debt collectors because they would not cancel an account if you cancel the Direct Debit first.

    My advice don’t use them, not worth the aggravation.

  21. I have recently had problems with Sky after I transferred to BT and omitted to tell them to separately cancel my TV as according to Sky TV can’t be transferred to another provider. I am now livid after receiving a letter from a debt collection agency for £107.87 because after thinking I had cancelled in April after my contract ended and BT took over and having fulfilled my contract for 12 months and paying up until the end of the contract. I discovered that in July there were still taking payments by direct debit. After calling my bank to cancel the D/D the bank told me they could do an indemnity claim and this is what Sky are now chasing me for as I didn’t give 31 days notice to cancel TV! Why would I cancel TV separately as it was part of a package with phone and broadband and I’d transferred to a similar 3 element package with a different provider. It’s not my fault that they treat them all separately and I’m not responsible for knowing their internal processes. Like Hewit initially I was unable to register my complaint as I couldn’t be identified as I had no account number (I left the company in April) and hadn’t set up a password on my account and I was unable to give the exact date or amount of the payments that had been made!! Eventually I spoke to someone else who verified my by confirming the numbers in my bank account, something the first agent could easily have done. However after over an hour on the phone and being refused on numerous occasions to speak to a superviser I eventually ended the call as I was getting nowhere and constantly being told that I didn’t give 31 days notice to cancel the TV and they wanted back the money that had been claimed on the indemnity claim from the bank. I am refusing to pay this as surely all i should be paying is 31 days worth of TV which I found out during the call is around £35. Finally the reason I cancelled the service was because the on Demand and showcase service was continually out of order on my box and I was unable to use it so I would have been better off purchasing a freeview box at my local Tesco as I could only watch live TV or what I had recorded. i have now sent an email with the transcript of the next conversation I had on the chat function to to explain that with everything else i was coping with in my life eg the death of my mother from cancer and my husband having an affair i think I was fair to say that television was not high on my list of priorities. I will never recommend them as a service provider and will never use their services again. they should be ashamed of themselves hiding behind processes and internal procedures

  22. I too have had nothing but trouble. They were so rude and argumentative.

    I posted this in their forum and on trust Pilot Im posting here to warn others

    The reason i’m is I have just had to endure the most combative conversation with one of your service agents, James at the Glasgow call center.

    When I asked to speak to a manager (Shell) he advise me that manager were not there to talk to customers.

    I have been a customer of Sky for 17 years in those years I estimate I have spent £8160.00 on my subscription. When I started subscribing my package cost £35pm and it now costs £74pm

    I would urge any Sky manager to listen to my calls with James so you can get a flavor of how your customers are being treated.

    I was phoning to cancel James tells me im in contract I have no recollection of this. James tells me this is very serious as i have a discount and will need to repay that discount as im not in contract. I tell him I have no recollection of being in contract. He tells me he will pull the call (working in call centers for the last 25 years I know what this means it means pulling the call recording and listening to it. I ask James if i can have his name as this conversation has now gone on 21 m,minutes and is likely to be longer. He tells me I cant have his name or any address details until he has pulled the call.

    James is only interested in giving me a bad customer experience. I agree to wait as the call has been so argumentative and his attitude so poor im determined to complain.

    After a few minutes James returns. He says I can see you agreed to such and such on such and such a date. I disagree and ask him if he has listened to the call. He responds no I ask why . He advises me that his managers cant pull the call as they are too busy.

    I am now irritated as it seems that this was just another tactic to try and make me go away. He had already tried the flat our no your in contract, then the repaying of a discount, now the waiting for a call that didnt come.

    I told James that I was not happy at the way I had been treated and I would post my view online. He advised me that i wouldn’t be the first customer to do that and sky have lots of unhappy customers.

    This guy is a customer service car crash, why on earth would you say that unless of course its true maybe. So sky will tell you if you call them they have lots of unhappy customers and managers that are not interested in speaking to them.

    Sky TV, Sky TV Deals, Sky TV packages, Sky Customer service

  23. I have not enjoyed any sky tv services since October 2014 and have paid my agreed 3 direct debit payments £14 to fullfil my years contract, then Sky take £27 out of my account without authorisation so bank claimed it back. I called Sky and before I was put on hold, was told I hadnt closed my account and the last time I called I was told not to cancel my direct debit, day before they took £27. I was in Citizens Advise Bureau with Advisor listening on another phone so have witness who will back me up. I was very upset and they put me on hold, but had to hang up now theyve sent me a bill and have been calling me.

  24. I had a similar but smaller problem. As soon as I gave Sky notice to leave they cancelled my McAfee antivirus subscription immediately leaving all my internet devices at risk . I called customer service and they couldn’t reactivate it and told me to install a free one from the internet. Luckily I signed to Virgin media and their website allowed me to install their antivirus software ahead of my installation. Very poor service from sky

  25. SKY TV falsely put two andemnity claims on my account.claiming they were from bank wrote to them that didnt help either.the ombudsman took their side aswell and dropped my case..tried to explain it to them so many times that those claims were not from me.but they didnt listen.have to pay the SKYTV theives the £143.00 now..

  26. After seemingly unending price increases we decided enough was enough and decided to cancel SKY .I e-mailed SKY on a Friday and received a reply saying they would contact me by phone , received a call on Monday saying the account would be closed 31 days from the previous Friday. In all a 90 second call and that was it , job done , Still cannot believe it was that simple.

  27. I have just cancelled my Sky due to 2 reasons. One is that I threatened to do so if they put prices up again and they did just that.

    The other is due to the fact that I live on the Isle Of Man where, although Sky Broadband is included in the package, we are not able to receive it here.The advisor told me that we pay less than the UK for packages “because of the tax”. So untrue as the Island residents pay the same VAT as does the UK.

    I must say though that other than that gaffe, she was pleasant and although trying to tempt me to stay which is of course her job, she cancelled within half an hour with a date and amount of last payment.

  28. Can i please have some advice?

    I called Sky today because for 6 weeks i have been having problems with my broadband dropping out. I have had 3 engineers out to my house all telling me the same thing my broadband is only running at 11meg when i should be getting 17meg. I work from home so I have 2 computers on the Internet at any one time. Today my partner had enough and called sky to cancel. But we need access to the Internet for work on MONDAY. I called sky back to ask for our account to be re-active but only to be told sorry we cant do that you would need to take out a new 12 month contract and wait 3 weeks for the Internet to be re-connected?

    WHY??? i have sky hub i have a sky line and only 5hours ago i had sky broadband. Can someone please help cos if i dont have access to sky broadband by monday i could get the sack.

    Melinda Guinness-yendle

  29. Sorry, I’ve been away and only just saw your comment today. Unfortunately I can’t help – I’m just a normal person who also had problems with SKY and usedmy blog to have a rant about them. Hope you’ve managed to sort something out and didn’t get the sack…

  30. Sorry, I’ve been away and only just saw your comment today. Unfortunately I can’t help – I’m just a normal person who also had problems with SKY and used my blog to have a rant about them. Hope you’ve managed to sort something out and didn’t get the sack…

  31. I cancelled my Sky subscription and gave 30 days notice because I had decided to go to Virgin. Virgin suggested I cancel the Direct debit and wait until Sky sent the last bill which I did and paid. Then Sky sent me a threatening letter saying I had to set the dd up again. I phoned customer services who gave me an explanation that I could not understand as to why I had to set up the dd again so they could take a payment. It would only have to be set up 24 hours – I did this they took a payment and guess what – I have now had another email demanding I set the dd up again.
    My question is – will Sky have to take me to court to get any money they think I owe (even though I havent been with them for three months now) or can they zap a debt collection agency on me?

  32. I’m moving house soon, only to ask sky when I thought HOLD ON A. MINUTE the DD has came out at 28.99 &not just £18.99 per month with a YEARS free wifi only to be told by sky that my years FREE wifi only lasts for 1YEAR &a the WONT write or call n expect anyone to NOT cancel n manage their OWN DD amounts/finances! Grrr I never knew that I was getting robbed. BLIND! I’ll be moving house&alerting SKY know once moved that I want to cancel within 14days of the move & be selecting a NEW provider ! That actually cares about making sure customers are onthe right deal!

  33. I wrote to Sky early January 2017 to serve notice to quit. I thought I’d play it straight and keep the direct debit going through as they request leavers to do. But the rub is they insist I call them to “verify some information”. That in my book is trying to convince me to stay. Not interested. Well we pay in advance and they also took a DD in February, so I thought I’d be getting some of the money back. Not only did I not get a refund but they created a ghost invoice of £30.00. Methinks to act as a lever to get me back as they also sent me a letter every week asking me to come back, and as a carrot they would write off the debt. They put it in the hands of a debt collector who must have written four or five letters (for £30!) so you can see how keen they are. In my book they are a bunch of schmucks. My sources tell me there are half a dozen articulated lorries full of customer returns / faulty equipment which must give some idea of what kind of state Sky is in at the moment. Buyer beware!

  34. Thanks Alison I’ve since TODAY tried to CANCEL my. Sky I moved address &they took £30odds DD so I cancelled my DD @the bank as itwas an overpayment only for them to send ME a cheeky letter threatening a £7.50 charge Grrrrr so they’ve told me that I will get honoured the overpayment as it was a mistake in advance. & when I asked to get a years free with sky’s fibre optic broadband they told me that they didn’t do that codswallops aaaaayyyeeee they dooooo! & when asked why NOT4ME then they told me itwasfor NEW customers only seeing as I was moving & had only BASIC broadband I’d be NOT L
    LIABLE to opt in wtf man boooohooooo! I’ve. Today from today’s date given my 14 days notice &I’ll NOT be using SKY again EVER there customer service wascrap! Plus they wouldn’t try TO save a LEAVING customer! We’ll soon see whatever crap they try to bill me in 14DAYS time 4now boooohoooo!

  35. Dont trust sky run
    99% of programs are free
    Virgin have better intenret sppeeds
    I am on hold for third time today
    Thieves Run Avoid Thieves Run Avoid Thieves Run Avoid
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    Thieves Run Avoid Thieves Run Avoid Thieves Run Avoid

    Did everything correct to terminate sky and even chased for the final account. Account arrived with a £10.00 fine for non-payment! Have fought sky for nearly 2 years and believe me their process guarantees escalation. They arrange a phone call and don’t call and then send you an email stating that as you did not take the call they will again escalate the debt. Talking, or rather trying to talk to sky should qualify as an Olympic endurance sport as all they want to hear is when you will pay the account plus fine having not received an invoice in the first place. The business is in chaos and will one day probably have to face prosecution for illegal practises. How many poor souls have paid fines for no reason other than sky’s ruthless policy of adding fines to their departing customers. We are now facing a another fictitious demand for the return of their crappy sky box, which had not even worked for 2 months that we returned but with sky it makes no difference.
    With sky for years and we are likely to go to court and there is no way I would ever, ever have sky again. I wish I had known about netflix and amazon prime before because the content is equal if not better and at 10% of the price of sky. Prompt service when you sign up but watch out when you want to leave. Never had a debt in my life and now I’m being pursued relentlessly for fictitious debts. Sky, see you in court as I refuse to bow down to your bullying tactics. Trying to save a leaving customer? No, sky are out to punish you. You have been warned.

  37. If cancelling a Sky subscription pop into your bank and ask them to refuse all further payments requests to Sky as I did which they will happily do, Sky unfortunately cannot be trusted.

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