Morton’s Neuroma Surgery: Days 2-7 after the operation

Following surgery for removal of an inflamed nerve caused by Morton's Neuroma, I've been keeping a journal of the recovery. I hope it will help anyone else considering surgery for this not uncommon foot complaint.

Day 2 Tuesday

Well I had a good night's sleep, thank goodness. I folded a pillow in half and was able to prop my foot up comfortably, and I was even able to keep it that way while I slept on my side. Slept through from half ten to seven. When I woke up it felt fine, but after a while I was aware of some pain, I think from the stitches, so the codeine etc were very welcome and definitely helped. I've spent today on the sofa with my foot propped up on a large cushion, which is very comfy. The pain throughout the day has been okay …. After about three hours I can feel the painkillers wear off but it doesn't get unbearable, just a bit stingy at the moment. The insides of the two toes where the nerve was removed are completely numb, which feels very odd! Not sure if that's the permanent numbness or if it's partly the local anaesthetic that was injected in during surgery. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I haven't moved around too much, but it's definitely less painful using the surgical shoe than walking barefoot, and if I catch the front of my foot on the floor it's very painful, so I won't be doing that too often!

Day 3 Wednesday

Feeling very drowsy today. Slept well but then struggled to stay awake, and spent half the day in bed. Feel very disorientated, dizzy, spaced out. Not sure if it's a hangover from the general anaesthetic, or the combination of painkillers (paracetomol, codeine, diclofenac), or both. Dozed and slept all morning, but got up at lunchtime and had a good wash. However, spending 5-10 minutes on my foot made it really painful, a hot burning pain, so I won't be doing that again for a while!

Day 4 – Thursday

Feeling much better today. In fact it wasn't till today that I realised just how awful I felt yesterday! Pain is minimal, I'm pleased to report … I've only taken painkillers twice so far (8am and 3pm) and apart from the occasional sharp stinging pain from the stitches if I move a bit quickly, I've had no pain. Of course I'm still keeping off my foot completely, and when I do go to the loo etc I'm walking on the heel or side of my foot. If I catch the bottom it hurts! I was expecting my toes to swell but they don't seem to have done so far … But when I put both feet next to each other my left foot is actually very swollen. Bored of sitting down … Looking forward to being more mobile.

Day 5 – Friday

Today I felt absolutely fine in myself, definitely over the anaesthetic, and very little pain from my foot too – still the odd sharp pain from the stitches but other than that I feel like I want to get up and get going! Frustrating when I do, though, because though I can put a little weight on my foot I can't move anywhere at more than snail's pace. This evening we went to the pub – I thought the change of scenery would do me good – but we only lasted half an hour. The pub was busy and I had a seat but was only able to raise my foot about six inches off the floor and very soon it was throbbing and pulsing in a very alarming manner. I kept it up all evening and it felt okay by bedtime but I think having it up above hip height all week and then having it down for half an hour was too much too soon. I've been avoiding the codeine for the last couple of days as I think it was bunging me up a little inside (constipation is a common side effect) but I did take two this evening.

Day 6 – Saturday

Decided I need to get my foot used to being down by doing it in small bits rather than all at once, so today I've spent at least part of each hour with my foot on the floor. Doesn't feel too bad, just a bit hot and heavy at times.

Day 7 – Sunday

Feeling much more energetic today, did a few small jobs in the kitchen (buttering bread, making tea), pushed the Hoover round the hall, that kind of thing. The swelling seems top be going down nicely and there's still no bruising on my toes. Went to the pub again this afternoon and watched the football, had my foot on a chair and it was fine. Nice to get out of the house for a couple of hours! I can move reasonably ok on it, so long as I can go at my own pace (slowly) but we did stop at a shop on the way home and I walked in, round and out, and discovered that was probably too much. Still keeping most of the weight on the heel, though I'm gradually starting to put a little pressure on the front and it doesn't feel too bad. Worst problem is thst as it heals the stitches are starting to pull, and especially in the evening I am experiencing some sharp stinging pain – but nothing a couple of paracetomol can't fix.


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48 thoughts on “Morton’s Neuroma Surgery: Days 2-7 after the operation”

  1. Hi
    Just read your blog about your surgery.
    How are you doing now?
    I had surgery yesterday to remove 2 neuromas from right foot.
    Not as bad as I expected so far.

  2. I@m doing well thanks. A year on the scar is barely noticeable and I’m able to do everything I wanted to do without pain. The only issues are that my foot still swells up a bit if it’s very hot or I’ve been walking a lot, I’m numb between the toes that were affected, and sometimes if I stand on a stone at the point where the neuroma was I get a funny feeling – not sore but I’m aware of something! Otherwise it’s all fine though, best thing I did was having it removed¬

  3. Good to hear your update & glad you are pleased you had it done.
    I am back at hospital today for first redress.
    Feeling fine no pain really bit of discomfort as you said about stinging and tight heavy feeling more frustration at not being able to get on & do. I am not very patient but learning fast.
    Friend took me out for lunch yesterday which was great as going a bit stir crazy although nice to be able to watch Wimbledon.
    Do you wear normal shoes now or extra wide flats?
    Thank you

  4. Glad recovery is going well. Think the answer is to not do too much too soon – and I’d have loved the excuse to sit and watch the tennis!

    Normal shoes? Depends what you mean by normal. I’ve never worn a pair of high heels in my life, I’ve always worn trainers or flat shoes, and quite wide ones at that as my little toes stick out and rub in narrow shoes. So I am back wearing pretty much the same shoes as before. I do find some shoes rub my hammer toe, but short of having more surgery to correct that (with a 3 month+ recovery time) I’m kind of stuck with that!

  5. Its good to see excessive progress through out the week! Last week I decided to go for a check up due to some pains in my calcaneal branches. It was a really awful experience, but I found that I had mortons neuroma I was glad to find that I didnt need surgery because I caught it very early but it would of gotten much worst. I am currently on a heavy diet and I need lots of rest (& painkillers)!

  6. I had my moreton’s neuroma op lastFriday & surgery went well except for an unexpected bleed – which made rather a mess in the recovery room ! Also hindered my instruction on using crutches ! I came out in a wheelchair and have been in bed with leg raised since – I’m happy to include photos here if I am allowed ??

  7. Glad it went well – hope the bleed was sorted quickly! And of course you can post images 🙂

  8. Thank you for posting the progress! The doctors were telling me that for me to have this is very rare so its nice to see people who can share their progress in finding the right mortons neuroma treatment and ultimately beating it!

  9. Hi All,

    Hope you all are well after the MN surgery. How you are doing now?

    I had surgery yesterday to remove two neuromas from my right foot (2nd – 3er toes and 3er and 4th toes).

    Fingers crossed everything will be OK soon.

    Many thanks,


  10. Hi All,

    Reading this has been really interesting, so good to hear some good comments about recovery. Has anyone had both feet done at once ? I believe have two neuromas in each foot and will be having surgery in a couple of months. Just wondering about recovery time and how long I’ll need to be away from work.


  11. Had neuromas removed on both feet on sat Nov 18th 2017 got to be off work for 4weeks

  12. Wonderful to read up on everyone’s surgeries and post op experiences. I imagine I will end up under the knife at some point. I was wondering if anyone here had any doctor suggestions in the West Palm Beach or Ft Lauderdale, Florida area? I am sure it helps if the doctors has done many of these.

    Thanks for any insight..

  13. Great to read experiences and update post Morton’s Neuroma op. I had the op on 16 Jan 2018 with a significant neuroma (72mm+) removed from my right foot. Have been on complete bed rest since, with 3 weeks off from work for the moment. Have been making minimal movements with my foot elevated (above heart level) most of the times.
    I have my follow up appointment next week (redress as well).
    How long was it before you went back to work? How long until full recovery?
    Thank you all, Thanks Alison

  14. 2 weeks out of surgery here. Feeling pretty good, back in a CAN boot now! I just wish the numbness was not so intense. I’m only 2 weeks after surgery so I’m not gonna worry too much yet

  15. I am now on day 6 after Morton’s neuroma removal from the third web space of my left foot. I still have some pain but it’s getting a little better every day. The best way I can describe the pain is pins and needles all day. I’ve been in bed rest this whole time and have not put weight on my foot. I use crutches to get to the bathroom. I work at a hospital and currently have 4 weeks before I have to go to work. I’m hoping that will be enough time to heal!

  16. Hi just wondering how long people waited to have the surgery am back to talk to dr on Tuesday but the pain is getting worse they gave my heel insoles to wear made pain worse I work on my feet 5 days a week to which doesn’t help just fed up on been in pain now thank you for reading

  17. Has my NM removal surgery yesterday on both feet, super drowsy last night but no pain. Today was fine too until mid afternoon and I attempted to go to the bathroom – the sharp tingly pains began and I had to lay down for a while. Starting to feel some soreness now and just looking forward to being mobile again!!

  18. I have neuromas in both feet. Having surgery on my left foot, which is the most painful, next week. Did you have a boot when you left hospital? Were you given crutches? Were you able to hop about the house during the early days following surgery? I was told it would be 2-4 weeks before being able to get shoes on however it sounds like it takes longer than this.

  19. I had an neuroma op yesterday and I’m trying to sit still

  20. The pain isn’t too bad but it’s there and taking pain killers regularly

  21. I had a very ugly orthopaedic shoe, and then graduated to Crocs after about 4 weeks. Probably took about six weeks till the swelling went down enough to wear proper shoes, though eve then it was only really wide fitting comfy shoes.

  22. I had a Neuroma removed 2 weeks ago. I got dressing off today. I am really concerned that I cannot really move my toes and the pad of my foot is quite numb still. I spoke to the consultant today and he said it’s not usual to have numbness here but has referred me to physio to get the toes and ankle moving. Has anyone else experienced this?

  23. I suffered with Morton’s Neuroma pain for more than 4 years. I had to change my entire shoe wardrobe. I wore high heels my entire adult life. The pain and discomfort was really frustrating and uncomfortable. I grew very tired of wearing orthotics and wide toe box shoes.

    I finally had a 5 inch neuroma removed from the fourth toe of my left foot four days ago. I am much more comfortable then I thought I would be post surgery. I took my pain medication on schedule for 3 days and started to wien off yesterday.

    I have kept my foot elevated 90% of the time so far.

    There is numbness in my 3rd and 4th toes and mild discomfort around the stitches and incision. I’ve been using a walker to get to the bathroom and am able to walk without it now with the pressure placed on my heel.

    Today I started to feel tingling on the bottom of my foot. I am hoping that is normal and expected. I have not taken any pain medication today.

  24. I’m 7mths in and wish I’d had the op sooner! I went to Spain 4wks after the op, first day there I walked 14000 steps, 3rd day I walked 17000 steps, something I haven’t been able to do for about 5yrs!

    I still have numbness between my second and third toes, cannot bend my third toe and numbness on the ball of my foot but small mercies for being pain free!

    I wore a 2 1/2 heel boot a few weeks ago. I can’t say it was painful but there were some electric shocks going on both on the ball of my foot and under the scar. It was more weird to be wearing heels as I haven’t been able to do that in years.

    My job, whilst office bound, entails being on my feet for most of the day and previously my colleagues have carried out the running around for me. Now, I’m very pleased to say, I can do it all myself 😀

  25. Hi. I had a neurons removed from my left foot on Monday. Now on day 4. Elevating foot 90-95% of time. Tingling aches. Still taking ibuprofen and co-codomol but have gone down to 1 tablet at a time instead of 2. The ‘shoe’ definitely helps when hobbling to the loo etc. just going a bit stir crazy already. Not good at not doing stuff. Anyone got any hints for me for week 2? Thanks.

  26. Hi had my Morton’s neuroma removed on the 8th of August now 7 weeks on still in agony my foot is swollen can hardly move my toes . How long does the swelling normally take to go ? Also had a Morton’s neuroma removed in 2012 which I’ve now found out where I have my scar on the 4th web of my foot that you don’t get a Morton’s neuroma there . Has anyone every heard of a Morton’s neuroma next to your small toe as am now confused.

  27. I am on day 13 after my MN op on my left foot. I have suffered with this for 24 years and will be having my right foot operated on some time in the future. I have had very little pain post op just discomfort when walking using a hospital shoe and sore now and again from the stitches. I took some pain killers the first night I was home but just for preventative measures. I was given virtually no after care instruction so was up and about running a couple of errands on day 2 and out for dinner at friends on day 3. I did raise my foot whenever I sat down though. I went back to work for half a day on day 8 but that was mostly sitting with my foot up and then worked again on day 12 walking around for 4 hours but I definitely overdid it as my left leg felt like I’d ran a marathon the following day. I had my dressing off yesterday and I’m wearing Birkenstocks. I’m walking slowly and I can still occasionally feel the stitches where the incision starts in between my toes. I tried driving a short distance today and that was fine helped by my car having a soft clutch. I still have a numb area in between my toes but I gather that’s here to stay – a small price to pay for the 24 years of sometimes almost sickening pain!

  28. Caroline – I had MN surgery on my left foot above my 4th toe on Aug 22. The pain and swelling has been gone for about 3 weeks now. I’m walking in sneakers. Had stitches removed on Sept 4th and the scab was gone about a week after that. I still experience tingly feelings on the bottom of my foot but I’ve been happy with the healing progress.

    Have you had your post op appt with your doctor?

  29. I had two very large neuromas removed from each foot three weeks ago. I haven’t had any pain killers except for Panadol osteo which I took for one week. I did all the right thing eg. elevated my feet above my heart for two weeks. I only got up to go to the toilet and bathe. Kept my feet dry as I was directed for those two weeks also. Week three minimal bruising, no swelling and little pain. I am doing well

  30. I’ve just had MN removed from 3rd web space on left foot (5 days ago). I’m keeping my foot elevated unless I need to go to the bathroom, but when I do put my foot on the floor I’m getting shooting pain, like an electric shock, underneath my toes. Has anybody experienced this? I’m hoping it’s normal and will settle!

  31. So i had neuroma surgery last Friday and I wear a boot and when I go to work I have a scooter to get around and thank goodness for that. Today I think I pushed myself walking in the boot and now my foot is killing me today. Trying to keep it elevated but want to know is this normal for anyone else? I get my stitches out in 4 days so hoping I hear good news.

  32. Hello everyone. I had Morton’s neurome op 10 days ago.
    I have the supporting shoe that I wear when I walk. From the first day I had to re do the bandage several times and change the dressing.
    The pain is easing off and I’m walking a lot better, however when I put the foot down I have burning/shooting pain on the incision area.
    I have internal stiches and the edges ones needs to be trimmed on Monday. I noticed some bleeding marks on clean dressing yesterday and today (clean dressing). Anyone had this problem?

  33. I am on day 5 after having two neuromas removed, one from each foot. I’m surprised how painful it is to walk on my feet still, though the orthopaedic shoes do help to soften it. I had organised to take one week off work, thinking that would be enough but I am definitely going to need another week. I have 3 kids, 2 of them fairly young, ages 2 and 4 so my husband have taken this week off work to help and care for me and them. I have been trying to help in the mornings for school lunches and getting them ready for child care but after 10 mins on my feet they are pretty painful and I need to elevate them. Yesterday I was able to cut down on the painkillers from endone from day 1-3 to paracetamol only on day 4. I’m hoping the pain will continue to ease gradually and slowly become more mobile.

  34. Hello. I have suffered from foot problems for the last four years. It all started with a fractured sesamoid bone in my right foot. Somewhere along the path of treatment on my foot, post fracture, I developed neuromas. Four weeks ago I had surgery to remove two neuromas from between my second/third and third/fourth toes on my right foot. My podiatrist advised me to begin wearing athletic shoes during the fourth week after surgery. i tried but it is too painful still and I have some swelling. Could someone please advise me of a type of shoe or athletic sneakers that are roomy in the toes and have a wide toe box? Thanks.

  35. Hi everyone…I had surgery on both feet for MN in November 2018 so I am approx 5wks post surgery. I had 2 neuromas removed from my left foot between 2/3 & 3/4 web spaces and 1x11mm neuroma removed from my right foot between 3/4 web space. Honestly glad I had both feet done at the same time and under strict instructions from my surgeon I spent the first 2wks with my feet elevated. Pain relief can be your best or worst enemy. All meds come with side effects but after spending day 3 with a bucket on my lap it was time for a change to my pain meds. Bandages & stitches were removed after 10 days…. such a relief to have the bandages removed. I had quite a lot of swelling to my feet and they were extremely dry & rough and the bandages were becoming uncomfortable. So 2 wks in… up on my feet for short periods of walking & standing. Sitting with my feet dangling not so comfortable. Now 5wks in walking & standing longer but my feet will still swell and I have pain at times. My surgeon said that this may continue for some time yet. While it is good to read reviews of other peoples experience with MN surgery we must remember we all heal & cope in different ways. There is no way I would or could have been weight bearing hours after surgery but each to their own. Hope my review can be of help. Cheers

  36. Hello,
    I had two MN removed from my left foot 7 days ago. I had a horse step on my foot two and a half years ago, and in the last 9 months the pain gradually got worse. I really had no idea what to expect. My sister and brother had neuromas removed, and my sister said she didn’t have any pain. So I planned on a long weekend off of work, and returned Monday to work. To say the least, I wish I had taken more time off. I keep my foot up on a chair, which is very awkward and uncomfortable. I worked 5 hour days most of the week, and one 8 hour day. I wish my doctor had been more specific about time off of work, I would have planned much differently.

    My foot is very bruised and swollen on top almost to the ankle, and my toes and the ball of my foot are also swollen and bruised. I can barely wiggle my toes. I have an orthotic boot I wear if I am moving around a lot, and use crutches for short distances and for support so I don’t put much pressure. If I am upright too long I have a lot of burning and pressure. Whenever I can I elevate it above my heart, but it is not possible at work.

  37. Hello
    I am day 3 post op having bilateral MN removed 2 from each foot. And wow the pain is unbearable! I had to stop the codine as I’m getting bung up :(!!. I have just had my bandages removed and the pressure release once that came off made me feel light headed. Hopefully the next few days I will begin to feel a tad normal again.

  38. Had MN removal yesterday no pain at all yet have so taken no pain relief do I this to come.. I have a bit of feeling in most of my toes I am wearing my boot not using crutches not needed..

  39. Hi. I had my MN removal 12 days ago . I had One between de 2 and 3rd toes and other between 3 and 4th.
    My doctor made the incision from a plantar aproach. He recomended 6 week of rest. Here in Portugal i have to go to another doctor so he evaluate my condition and give me the authorization to send to the social safety institute and my work. For now its a 30 day authorization and after that he has to evaluate me again. I still have pain and numbness in my 3 Middle Toes. I try to keep my foot up but as i Stay with the foot down about half an hour, the pain increases and it swells. I also put ice to reduce the pain. Yesterday i went to the hospital to take the switches off and the Scar looked fine.but i have a follow up consultation Next thursday to know what is coming Next. Good luck for everyone.

  40. Hi everyone just been reading all comments on moron neuroma I had mine Don on the 29th July 2019 have had bit of swelling an bit of bruising I can feel all my toes I have not elevated it in bed at all and have no problems sleeping it’s was my left foot was told to take badge off after 48 hrs have had no tingling or things like that I am quite surprised because of what I been reading yes I have swelling if I stand to long but it’s only been 3 days since op an I was told to wiggle my toes and under the foot is swollen but tonight feels lot better getting a bit bored now as I love walking an gardening but I have been told not to walk on it for 2 weeks as it needs time to heal so I am doing as I am told I massage round my heel and as near the wound as I can I think it is helping so far so good its not been as bad as I thought it was going to be do put cold pads on as this helps with healing

  41. Day two post op, MN removed from between 3-4 toe of left foot. Took 1 pain pill last night, other than that, pain is not that bad, just putzing around the house with the surgical shoe on and I Use knee cady at times too.
    Over all so far, not so bad, hope it keeps up like this.

  42. hi i had a large morton neuroma and scar tissue removed on 23rd June. Pain not as intense as i thought it would be. Elevated much of the time for 72 hours, maintaining mobility throughout as concerned re thrombosis. Have been to shops twice, just short trips. rest foot now when throbbing starts. Pain mainly underneath foot which is weird. Dressing change (and stitches out) Friday 2nd. Black and purple toes, not much swelling. So glad that after 4 years of restricted exercise/walking due to m r pain that surgery finally completed.

  43. I am going to be getting surgery in November for my mortons neuroma. i was wondering how long everyone was off from work after the surgery. Ive heard it could be anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on healing and your job. I am on my feet all day at work. up and down in a truck doing deliveries etc . so was wondering what the genreal time off was

  44. I worked from home, sitting in front of the computer, so I was back within a week or so. However, my foot was still quite painful to walk on for any period of time nearly three months later so I would give yourself plenty of time to heal.

  45. Hi
    I have been told I have Morton’s neuroma can anyone tell me how long they waited for the operation please. I work and I’m walking around most of my shift and it’s really hurting 😫

  46. I had MN surgery 2 days ago in Houston to remove the inflamed nerve between the 3rd and 4th toes. The ligament was also cut to relieve some pressure. I used a Cryo/Cuff to circulate cold water around the bandaged foot while keeping it elevated above the heart. I’ve experienced no pain or swelling thus far, and my toes are not numb.

  47. It’s interesting to read that some have had two neuromas removed in the same foot at the same time. My surgeon has told me this is not possible as it’s too risky that the supply of blood could be cut off from the toes which would result in the loss of a toe.

    I have two neuromas in the left foot and one on the right. I will probably have the operation soon. The surgeon is recommending that I have both feet operated on at the same time, which makes it sound almost impossible for mobility, but it’s interesting to read here that several of you have done exactly that.

    Alison – at the beginning you said that you had two neuromas in one foot, but it sounds that you only had one removed? Is that right? If so, do you not get any trouble from the second neuroma?

    Thanks for all your blog posts. I know it was many years ago, but they’ve been really helpful, as well as the comments from others. I assume I will be off work for 2-4 months. I work as a flight attendant/cabin crew and I am on my feet most of the time for very long shifts on long haul flights.

  48. The second one was very small and it hasn’t caused me any problems since I had the big one removed. In fact, I’d forgotten I even had two until I read your comment! I’m wondering if maybe the pressure of the first created the second, and once the big one was gone there was less pressure on the next toes/nerve and it went away on its own.

    Good luck with your surgery, whether it’s one or two!

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