Birthday party!


Saturday night I had my 40th birthday party and it was amazing! I had SUCH a fun time! I’ve always felt, for some stupid reason, that I didn’t have many friends, but when 30 people turn out on a cold Saturday night in January to help me celebrate turning 40 it makes me feel very loved.

The evening kicked off at home with various people co,ming round for tea, that quickly because a couple of rounds of gin and tonic …. hehe! Then we walked down to the Portwell Angel in Faringdon for the evening, and as well as lots more gin and wine I arranged for one of the local curry houses to bring in some food. The venue worked perfectly, the curry was delicious and everyone got on realy well – quite a diverse bunch of people too: some local friends, some 4Networking friends, some family, some friends from Hampshire and some school friends – including one I haven’t seen since 1987!!!

All in all it was a really fun night and I feel well and truly spoiled! And I’ve decided that being 40 isn’t that bad after all :)

Here’s a couple of photos – more here .

Happy birthday to me!!


Well it’s my birthday today, and I’ve reached the big 4-0 ……. I’ve been dreading this day, partly because I don’t feel nearly old enough to be forty, mianly ebcause my darling son keeps telling me that 40 is “nearly dead”! Anyway, the day has come and really, it’s no different to 39 is it ..!

Had a lovely day so far. Breakfast in bed courtesy of the kids (well, courtesy of Katie actually, but Dan took some credit despite only being awake 10 seconds before they knocked on my door!), then out for coffee that turned into champagne with a couple of friends. Now awaiting the arrival of my mum and boyfriend and we’re off to the Folly, my local, for a pint then down to a great Thai restaurant in town. I’m also having a big birthday bash at the weekend, complete with curry!

And isn’t social media fab? I’ve had umpteen birthday wishes today on Facebook and Twitter, from family, old school friends, networking acquaintances, clients, suppliers and friends. Lovely to feel so loved!

So there you have it … I am officially a grown up. Doubt it’ll change much though …. though this could be a decade of rebellion, watch this space!