#14: Write at least one blog entry every day for a month

Why it’s on the list: I’ve had this blog (which has migrated from other blogs) for years now and tend to write in it in patches; I’ll do several entries over a few weeks, then forget ablout it and not bother for ages. I hope this chalenge will not only get me in the habit of writing regularly but also get me thinking about suitable topics to blog about.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have completed blog entries on 30 consecutive days. No more than five of the blog entries can be related to my 101 in 1001 challenge. (If there are more than five I must write extra entries to cancel them out!)

Completed – one blog post every day between 5th December 2012 and 4th January 2013, and only four of them were related to this 101 in 1001 challenge in any way. Subjects included Christmas, empty nest syndrome, rants about Royals, reviews and UFOs! It’s been really fun doing this – sometimes I struggled to think of a topic to write about but I’m really please with the end results! Not sure if I’ll carry on blogging every day but I’ll certainly try for at least a couple a week from now on.

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