#16: Send a letter, card or parcel to one of the PostPals every month (1/33)

Why it’s on the list: PostPals is a fab site where you can send cards, parcels and letters to seriously ill children, to bring a little happiness into their often very difficult, painful lives. I have sent things once or twice but would like to make it a regular thing, either forming a friendship with one or two children or sending to lots of children.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have sent something a month for 33 consecutive months throughout this challenge.

1. Card sent to Tom S on 04.05.10, along with a plastic medal as a prize for an achievement he has made recently.

FAILED miserably. I’m so sorry about this. Jut didn’t get into the habit of sending monthly parcels/letters, so in the 6 months I’#ve been doing this challenge I’ve only managed 1. Pathetic. I’ll try and send more, but will also donate the £5 to PostPals.

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