#30: Take part in the Race for Life

Why it’s on the list: When I was looking for ideas for this list several people suggested I run a marathon. Hahahahaha I said. I don’t run anywhere, ever – never have been able to, even when I was young and fit, but being old(er) and fat and having an arthritic knee I certainly wouldn’t even consider such a thing. But then someone suggested the Race for Life …. and though the idea of running scares  the crap out of me, this list is supposed to challenge me … and that would be a huge challenge. And I could also raise money for cancer research – seems I’ve lost so many people to cancer over the last few years that I should do my bit to help find a cure for that horrible cruel disease. So, The Race for Life is it. Probably not for a good few of those 1001 days … I think I need to do #24: Lose at least 4 stone first!!

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have entered, completed and raised/collected sponsorship for doing The Race for Life.

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