#34: Take a photo and either sell it or have it displayed in an exhibition COMPLETED

Why it’s on the list: I’ve recently take up “proper” photography and am learning to be creative with my photos. The ultimate achievement at the moment would either to have a photo of mine displayed in public or be sold.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When a photo I have taken is on display in an exhibition, or I can prove that someone has paid money for it.

Faringdon Arts Festival is coming up and for the first time (I think) they are holding a photography competition. There are two categories – Faces and Motion – so I have entered three photos in each category. The winning photos, plus some others, will be displayed in an exhibition during the weekend of the festival …. fingers crossedone/some of mine are picked to feature! Here are the photos I entered … top row is (obviously) for Faces, bottom for Motion.

Well …. the photo competition hasn’t even happened yet (11th July) but I have inadvertently completed this challenge! We had a very busy 4Networking meeting at Witney today – 32 in the room – and I decided to take my camera and grab a few snaps as a record of the day. I uploaded 72 of them (some were shockingly bad and deleted instantly!) to Flickr with a view to linking to them on the 4N forum. Got a phone call from Stef, who is the regional leader for 4N and my friend, who said did I know that Brad the MD pays £25 for any photo he uses and he might like to see mine as there were some good ones? So I emailed the link to Brad and got a phone call straight back – he loves them, there’s at least half a dozen he will print in future magazines or use on the website … “Tell you what, send me a disc with them all on and I’ll pay you £200! And also, Ali, when we have events and Big Breakfasts and stuff in the future, I’ll give you a bell and you can take photos and I’ll pay you for them too!”

Wow. Job done. I am a professional photographer now, according to Brad, and possibly even the unofficial official 4Networking photographer!

These are the pics … let me know what you think! (And though this chalenge is now officially crossed off the list, I’ll keep you posted on the competition!)

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