#40: Take a birds’ eye view of the world (but not from a commercial airliner) COMPLETED

Why it’s on the list: The only time I’ve been above the earth is in a 747 going on holiday … I would love to see the world from above and am very flexible on how I do it – helicopter, balloon, parachute jump, who knows!

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have decided how to do this challenge and seen the earth from above.

Completed on 27th August 2012 – I’ve been creating the White Horse Show printed programme on a voluntary basis for the last few years, and I cheekily asked one of the organisers if they could fix a free helicopter ride for me in exchange for taking a few new photos for next year’s programme – and they did! It was great fun, though not as exhilarating as I expected – quite sedate actually! We flew up over White horse Hill and got a stunning view of the chalk horse, and also saw a rather rude corn pattern! The pilot did a 360 “handbrake turn”, banked plenty and also did a bit of a dive, which was fun. The trip only lasted five minutes – I could happily have been up there a lot longer! Managed to get a fair few photos though – sadly all out of focus as I’d been messing around with my camera and forgot to change the settings!

More photos here

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