#44: Visit a new country COMPLETED

Why it’s on the list: That’s new to me, as opposed to newly formed! One of my regrets is that I haven’t travelled the world as much as I would like. So far I’ve been to England (obviously), Wales, France, Denmark, Holland, Ibiza, Portugal, Corfu, South Africa, Zambia and India. Not a hugely impressive list. So I want to add at least one more to that list in the next 1001 days.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have travelled to and spent at least a day in another country.

OK, how about adding EGYPT to that list??! Yes, in January 2011 my lovely man Steve and I spent a week in the Red Sea resort of Dahab, about 50 miles up the coast from Sharm el Sheikh (the Blackpool of Egyt). We had a wonderful time – our hotel was very relaxed and cosy and we spent most of the time just lying on a sunbed listening to the sea, reading or sleeping. We also swam and, better still, snorkelled – the fish were absolutely amazing, so colourful and numerous! (Pics to follow!) We also spent some time in Dahab, which is a Bedouin town, the people are quite poor by the looks of it, in fact the whole town looks  poor away from the more touristy seafront area. And of course we went on a camel ride, which was not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done, but was an experience!

Lots more photos here and here.

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