#60: Climb Faringdon Folly

Why it’s on the list: Faringdon Folly was the last folly to be built in Britain. It was commissioned by Lord Berners as a birthday present for his friend Robert Heber Percy, to be built on a hill already known as Folly Hill, but with no folly. Lord Berners wanted a classical design, but after he left on travels to Italy the builder constructed a stark square tower. When he returned Berners ordered the top to be finished with a Gothic crown. Legend has it that on a good day you can see 6 counties from the top of the tower, though it’s more likely to be four or possibly five.

Faringdon Folly is no more than half a mile from my front door, yet I’ve never been up it. Some things just have to be done …

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have been up Faringdon Folly and taken some photos from the top.

ON the first Sunday in October 2011, possibly the hottest October day ever, Steve and I decided to walk up Folly Hill and climb the hundred and something steps to the top! The tower is very plain inside … just a square with wooden stairs spiralling up the walls, but there are some arty “crows” and displays about the history of the Folly to keep you entertained. I looked like a tomato by the time I reached the top but it was well worth it for the view – even though it was a little misty in the distance.

A few photos here and I’ll put the rest on Flickr when I get a chance.



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