#62: Get new glasses COMPLETED

Why it’s on the list: This is a bit of a kick up the backside challenge really. I hate wearing glasses in public but equally am happy  wearing them at home, especially when I do a full day’s work on the computer, because doing it in contact lenses gives me eye strain. My last decent pair of glasses broke a few months ago. I have two standby pairs, one are bearable, one are close to falling apart, but I really need to get a new pair, preferably some I’ll feel happy wearing in public. And some new contact lenses while we’re at it!

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have bought and modelled a new pair of bins!

Update: appointment made at Asda Opticians for 12th May … watch this space!

COMPLETED! I ended up with not one but two new pairs as glasses, and new contact lenses. One pair – my favourite pair – have reactalite glass but I have to say I haven’t been huygely impressed by it – though to be honest I haven’t really worn them out in bright sunlight thought. I have worn them in public, to a 4N meeting, and people didn’t laugh, so I think that’s a success!

Photo to follow.

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