#79: Keep a fantasy football team going for a whole season COMPLETED

Why it’s on the list: I’ve done fantasy football teams in the past but always seem to lose interest partway through the season. In fact, I have one this year, down at the pub, and the team will make it through to the end of the season, but I haven’t maintained it – I didn’t make any transfers in the January window, etc. And I can’t even remember who is in my team!

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have set up a team, either in the real world or on some website, and maintained that team properly for an entire season.

Well, I should succeed at this one as I’ve been volunteered to run The Folly’s fantasy football tournament!

My team is called Norfolk and Chance FC and this is how I’m doing. There are 13 teams in the league

SEPT: 3rd

(need to add in the rest of the positions)

Well I didn’t do very well …. Never mind!!

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