#91: Meet someone famous

Why it’s on the list: I’m not really a sleb hunter but it would be fun to meet someone at least vaguely famous.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I’ve met someone – to talk to – that could be conceivably seen as famous in some circles!

25.04.10 I was really hoping to cross this one off the list today. We went to Rockingham for the British Touring Car Championship races and did the pitlane walkabout and queued up for AGES to get the autograph of Tom Chilton – as well as being my favourite BTCC driver at the moment, he was on ITV’s Take Me Out last year so I reckon that makes him famous! But there was such a big queue that the pit lane closed before we got even close. We did meet a few other drivers – Arthur Forster, Shaun Hollamby and Matt Williams – but I don’t think they really count as famous!

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