#94: Spring clean and tidy the house for a month COMPLETED

Why it’s on the list: I hate housework and I’m not a very tidy person. I also live in a house with two messy kids and a messy cat. It would be so lovely to come in to a clean house every day …. but a real challenge too … I’m up for it though.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have cleaned the house from top to bottom and kept it clean and tidy for a month – I must show photos taken each week to prove it’s actually tidy.

Hmm ok I haven’t got the photographic evidence but when we moved house in January this year it was immaculate for at least three months =- it’s slipped a bit now but actually is still a damn sight tidier than any other house I’ve ever lived in, so I’m counting this as completed.

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