#10: Go for a month without alcohol COMPLETED

Why it’s on the list: OK I like a drink, a few glasses of wine or a couple of pints, normally on a Wednesday evening (pub night!) and at the weekend. I’d like to prove to myself that I can go without for a month – and hopefully it will bring health and weight benefits too.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have gone for 30 days without any drinking any alcoholic liquid at all.

OK this mission is underway – starting from 1st March 2011. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Well it’s 1st April today and this is no April Fool, I did it, I went the whole month without having a drink!

I have to admit a minor, very minor discretion though … one weekend I was in the Portwell Angel having a coffee and the young lad behind the bar was trying out a new cocktail to go on their menu and he asked me to taste it and I had a sip without thinking … but it was only a sip through a straw, it’s not as if I drank the whole thing, so I don’t think that counts!

So how’s it been? Actually, it’s not been nearly as hard as I thought. The first week it felt a bit odd not having a glass or three of wine on Friday night because I’m so used to it, and I am bored stupid of Diet Coke – Steve and I have still gone to the pub every Wednesday and at the weekends – but I haven’t missed having alcohol at all. I’ve actually quite enjoyed feeling completely in control rather than a bit tiddly now and then! I’ve been more awake in the mornings and though I’ve also been watching what I eat, I’ve managed to lose half a stone over the month.

So tomorrow we’ll be going to the pub and I probably will have a pint (or a G&T if I don’t fancy the beer that’s on) but to be honest I think I’ll probably only have one drink, two at most, and will come home to a nice cup of tea rather than half a bottle of wine. I just don’t fancy feeling tipsy again!

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