#33: Have a letter published in a national newspaper

Why it’s on the list: When I was a kid I had an article published in the local paper and that led me to want to be a journalist for a while, till I decided to be a car mechanic, or a psychologist, or something else altogether. I’ve done lots of writing since on local level but to have my name in the national press (preferably the Guardian!) would be fab.

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I have sent a letter to a national newspaper and see it in print – and can scan and show here.

FAILED – I did send a letter to the Guardian’s Family section (a letter to …) but as yet it hasn’t been published yet 🙁

One thought on “#33: Have a letter published in a national newspaper”

  1. Even I managed this! Set myself a goal one year and wrote a letter to the ‘Personal Effects’ column in I think the Money section of The Guardian. Not only was my letter published – I was ‘letter of the week’ and won a £25 book token. Whoo hoo. Obviously, I tried not to let the win go to my head, but it beat the time I won a compost bin.

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