#70: Go on a brewery or distillery tour

Why it’s on the list: I drink it, I enjoy it. I want to know how it’s made!

How/when I’ll judge this task to be completed: When I’ve visited either a brewery or a distillery and understand the basics of creating the relevant drink.

2 thoughts on “#70: Go on a brewery or distillery tour”

  1. Hi Alison

    strange what google throws up, searching for Joggler and hit your blog, then saw your post about 50 beers (have drunk most myself, a fan of Hobgoblin), then saw this post

    Locally you are spoilt for choice with Wychwood, Whitehorse, Hook Norton etc

    Personally i’d take a trip out to Hook Norton and visit the brewery there, a very old and quaint building and they still use the steam engine and horse draw drays. Oh and of course Old Hooky is not bad as well…


  2. Thanks – I was wondering whether to go to Wychwood or somewhere else, will give Hook Norton a go. I actually have been to the White Horse brewery before, I used to run a magazine and visited to talk about advertising; also went to the Best Mates microbrewery in Ardington so will be interesting to contrast those two tiny breweries with a larger one!

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