Sitting in Starbucks in the retail outlet in Swindon, having had a row in Clarks about which shoes my son will permit himself to year for school. He hates all of them, apparently, so on doubt there... Read More

Katie's World!

Typical. I spend hours (well, minutes) putting together some sort of nonsense for this meaningless blog in the hope that millions across the world will rush over to read my nonsense, to no avail ̷... Read More


“alison is an enthusiastic alison is seriously pissed off and needs cheering up alison is in demand as a jazz vocalist and performs extensively at music venues throughout the chicagoland area al... Read More

Sad Song Co

Looks like Nigel Powell felt pretty much the same about his gig in Winchester as U and I did .. but in more explcit terms! The Sad Song Co. It really bugs me when people have no respect for others ... Read More

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Seems like I’ve managed to develop asthma at the grand old age of 32. I failed a lung function test quite spectacularly yesterday and now have an inhaler and an appointment to see the doctor in ... Read More

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Guess what? I’m doing this entry from my mobile! Just going to test it works and them will post the link. This is cool!... Read More


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People make me so mad sometimes. What should have been a good night out in Winchester turned into a bit of a disappointment because people have no damn respect. There were four acts on at the pub we w... Read More

Gigging for it!

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Last night we went to Northampton Soundhaus to see Snow Patrol, who really rocked. A friend of U’s had got the tickets and is a big fan, but up till then I’d never heard of them. Bel thoug... Read More

Flapping about

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Starting to panic a bit .. I spent a couple of hours on Saturday fitting catflaps so that the cat can gome and go as she pleases when we are on holiday, but she is terrified of the things and won̵... Read More