A poetic morning's networking!


4Networking Abingdon decide to celebrate Burns Night a couple of days early today, and encouraged everyone to come wearing tartan and to write a poetic 40 second introduction. Everyone embraced the idea and though most people didn’t go as far as group leader Phil Strachan in the tartan department there were plenty of tartan ties, tartan scarves, homemade tartan badges and also, rather bizarrely, a pair of boy’s tartan pyjama bottoms!

However, it was in the 40 seconds round that everyone really excelled. There were some fantastic poems and it was very entertaining – but better still, everyone actually listened rather than switching off! What a very creative bunch of people 4Networkers are. Here are a few of the poems we enjoyed.

If you struggle with words,
Don’t know pronouns from verbs,
Then you need to call The Proof Fairy.

I’ll pick up your errors
and badly spelled terrors
and grammar that makes clients wary.

Perhaps it’s your website
That looks like a right sight
I’ll rewrite it, fully or barely.

With a wave of my wand
Your typos are gone
And the bill isn’t even too scary.

So just pick up the phone
When words make you groan.
You know who you need … The Proof Fairy!

Alison Neale, The Proof Fairy

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