Snow White drifted


Did some art journalling today, but it didn’t really turn out how it was in my head. The idea was based around snow – that snow covers everything with a blanket of purity, but then as it melts you see the random shapes and colours and slushy mucky bits beneath it – not so pure after all. This was to be accompanied by a Mae West quote: “I used to be Snow White but I drifted” ….

So I stuck a load of random textures on the page and added some modelling clay and white paint over the top, but the texture of the clay got mixed up with the paint and didn’t really stand out enough, and the materials just ended up looking a bit messy. I tried to stamp the quote on but the textures meant it wasn’t possible to get an even spread of weight so it didn’t really show up. Then I added it with my new Caran D’Ache watercolour pencils but they smudged so much it’s illegible. Then I wrote it in marker pen, but as the paint/modelling clay was still a bit tacky that didn’t really work either. And then I realised I’d actually written the quote slightly wrong anyway. Ah well.

So the end result is a bit of a random mess but I know what it is all about, even if no one else does – and I guess that’s the whole point of art journalling – it’s a way for me to express my feelings; it’s not meant to be a piece of art work for public consumption. And at least I can honestly say I haven’t spent the entire day watching my Jonathan Creek box set 😉



OK snow, time to go!


Snow on Folly Hill

OK so snow is a rarity in the UK. (Though to have so much of it twice within the last 12 months is a bit odd .. whatever happened to global warming?) Everything looks very pretty, and for a new amateur photographer like me it’s presented a fantastic opportunity to try out my new DSLR and a real challenge to get the camera set up to show the whiteness of the snow and the blue of the sky. It’s also been lots of fun for the kids, who’ve had three days off school and have enjoyed sledging and snowball fights. But we’re bored now.

Firstly, I work from home. Shouldn’t be a problem really, but having the children around makes it very difficult for me to concentrate on anything really. Secondly I was due to go to two networking breakfasts this week, both of which were cancelled – so I’m feeling a bit lost without my usual supportive network around me. It’s fun walking in the snow – at first – but after three days all that trudging around just feels too much like hard work. Roads have finally been gritted – thank goodness – so we can now travel further than our town – but all that slush makes a pretty ugly scene. It’s cold and great, and even the kids are bored now.

Worse, I was due to go into London with my man this weekend – a belated birthday treat, football at Fulham, a nice meal out, a plush hotel in Westminster and a general mooch around my home city on Sunday. of course, that’s all off now too.

So snow, I have a simple message for you. We’ve had enough now … please go away!