Craze of the week in our house is BookCrossing. Basically it’s a way of sharing your books with others and tracking where they go. You read a book, register and review it on the site and get a special ID number and URL for it. Then you either pass it on to a friend or leave it somewhere … on a bus, in a cafe, on a park bench, anywhere really … for someone to find, in the hope that they will follow the link and register that they’ve found it. Apparently only about 30% of the books resurface on the site, which seems a shame, but surely the more people that know about Bookcrossing, the better!

My only problem with the site is that I love all my books, even the ones I hate or have never read, and I’m reluctant to part with them. So the answer is to buy cheap duplicates in the charity shops and use them! Then you’re helping others in two ways.

I left my first book in Stoke Park, Guildford this week and have a couple more to release next week … it gave me a bit of a buzz, sad but true! Anyway, fingers crossed I’ll get lucky and someone will give my books a good home!

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