Breakthrough Generations – The UK study of the causes of breast cancer

For women only :0)

I recently signed up to take part in the Breakthrough Generations long term study into the causes of breast cancer. It aims to observe patterns in 100,000 women in order to try and find some common factors and eventually the causes. At the moment only about 15,000 women have signed up, so I’m posting to try and encourage you to join.

If you do get involved you’ll be studied for the next forty or so years, but there’s really not all that much to it. Initially you have to fill in a detailed questionnaire about your lifestyle, health, medical background, and there’s some quite personal stuff in there too, but it’s manageable. You also need to give a blood sample. You’ll then be contacted every few years to find out if you have had any major lifestyle or health changes; you may also need to give more blood. But that’s it – and you could be helping your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren ….

Any woman over the age of 18 can take part. I really hope you’ll follow the link and find out more.

Breakthrough Generations – The UK study of the causes of breast cancer

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0 thoughts on “Breakthrough Generations – The UK study of the causes of breast cancer”

  1. hiya, found your blog via freecycle. I joined up to the generations study too, hoping they get lots of breakthroughs during it.

    hope your enjoying your mass clearout!

    love viks

  2. Did you know that the same site that asks for clicks to end hunger has a tab that you can click to help with funding mammograms? ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am not a woman, but I do have a loving wife, and the issue touches home also as my grandmother on my fathers side died from breast cancer…
    You can visit:

    clicking in any and all tabs IS free.

  3. Hi found your blog also from freecycle. I also signed up to the breakthrough generations study but when I went to the Docs in Wantage to get the blood sample taken they would only do it if I paid for it! I’m now off to london sometime to get it taken for free!Judith

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