End of another football season … but not quite!

So that’s another football season over. Chelsea managed to stuff up a couple of weeks ago by losing to Man United – but really, given the state of the league at Xmas I was amazed that we were even in a position to be challenging for the trophy at all. Sad that we ended the season with a defeat, but I guess it didn’t really matter. Even sadder to see Blackpool get relegated – they brought so much energy and excitement and positivity to the league, they will be sadly missed. I really hope they manage to win promotion again … but really, I doubt they will.

So that’s it for another year … but not quite! My second team Torquay United …. I have been granted permission to be an honorary fan so long as they never come up against Chelsea! … will be playing Stevenage Borough at Old Trafford next weekend in the Div 2 playoff final … and with any luck we will be there! Can’t wait, I saw them win promotion at Wembley two years ago and hopefully they’ll be able to do it again and make it into League One. Which is only two leagues off the Premier League … Ummm perhaps my honorary fan status could be at risk sometime in the not so distant future!

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