Feeling like I'm 17 again

We went to see Depeche Mode at the newly refurbished Wembley Arena last night – my not-so-surprise wedding present from U, as he had to tell me about it also we made sure it didn’t clash with our honeymoon! They were really good, did 21 songs including an excellent acoustic version of Shake the Disease, and Dave Gahan can still strut his funky stuff!! Looking a bit wrinkled round the edges now though :0(

I was a bit confused because I thought the new Wembley Stadium was being built on the site of the old one but it’s right next to the conference centre and arena and I’m sure the old one was a little distance away. All very confusing. Still there’s a square being laid out between the arena and stadium and it’s got a pretty fountain thing and lights and the building changes colour – all very lovely.

Tomorrow we are off on our honeymoon, hurray!!! Four nights just outside the Kruger National Park with some safaris booked in; one night hiding in our hotel in Johannesburg ;0) three nights in Zambia where we’ll be canoeing down the Zambezi, going on an elephant safari, camping out and visiting Victoria Falls; then we finish with five nights in Cape Town. I’m so excited! I’m just trying to work out what to take ready to pack, I collected the currency and travellers’ cheques this morning, U is out having a holiday haircut and this time tomorrow we’ll be on our way to Heathrow!!!

Don’t know if we’ll get any internet access while we’re away but if we do, I’ll probably post here – so keep an eye on it!!

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