Found Poetry

I haven't done any art journalling for ages, but the creative urge took over me at the weekend and I decided to have a go at some “found poetry”. While they're not perfect, I was quite pleased with the end results!

To create this one I cut out fifty or so bits of sentences from the pages of an old book (it was actually a book my daughter bought to make me a Xmas present – one of those books with the insides hollowed out, for hiding things). I looked for fragments that appealed, and then sorted through them and put together various bits and pieces that seemed to work or have a similar theme. The poem is all about remembering that each of us is unique and beautiful.

This second one was fairly unsuccessful really. I tore a page out of another old book and picked out various words that made an odd poem about a journey. I painted over the rest of the text and then used watercolour pencils to highlight the words. For the background I started by doing some free writing in watercolour pencils, and then ran water over the page to smudge the words before sticking the book page on to it. Didn't quite get the effect I wanted.

This one is probably my favourite. The individual lines were cut from a book of poetry I bought in a charity shop, but each line was from a different poem. I think the end poem is rather romantic!

Finally, this one would have been better but as usual I went a bit too far with my embellishments!


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