I am a proud mum!

Katie is at her school prom tonight and I am a very proud mum. Katie’s not had an easy time recently – we moved to Oxfordshire from Hampshire 5 years ago, leaving behind all her friends, and she found it very difficult adapting to life in the countryside and took ages making new friends. She’s also had to deal with my disaster of a marriage and  having to move house again, as well as all sorts of problems that come from having a brother with ADHD and mild autism.

Throughout all this she has worked really hard at school and now she has a lovely bunch of friends, a boyfriend who adores her and the prospect of really good grades in her GCSEs. I am so proud of her!

Just wanted to show her off a bit … here’s a couple of pics of her and James on their way to tonight’s prom. Her dress cost a fortune but it was worth every penny to see her looking so beautiful tonight 🙂

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