My second famous client!

I was very excited to open the Guardian Weekend magazine this morning and read an article by Peter Jones about his version of Boxing Day. Excited because Peter is one of my proofreading/editing clients. Three or so years ago he sent me the first three chapters of a novel, and over the next couple of years I worked on the rest of the book, and another (non-fiction ) book he'd written, called How to Do Everything and Be Happy. As I started working on the first chapter I knew he was onto something – I had to stop myself so many times because I was reading rather than proofreading, always a good sign!

Anyway, the book was self published by Peter and has done amazingly well – so well that it was picked up by Harper Collins, who will be publishing it themselves in January. And now Peter is writing for the Guardian too! Makes me feel very proud of my second* famous client ๐Ÿ™‚

You can read Peter's article here and make sure you get his book too, because it is very very good! *The first doesn't consider herself to be famous but is an author, journalist and daughter of a very well known and much loved poet laureate … I'll leave it at that!


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