NYE vandals strike close to home

I drove through our local town, Wantage, at about teatime on New Year’s Eve, and later Ulen asked me I whether I’d noticed if the statue of King Alfred had been boarded up – apparently in previous years it’s been a target for drunken vandals and was normally boarded up, but it ended up more dangerous as the idiots just threw bits of broken noarding all over the square so for the last few years there had been police keeping watch instead.

Presumably it wasn’t boarded again this year, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened: BBC NEWS | England | Oxfordshire | King Alfred’s arm left in pieces.

Disgraceful, and very sad to read. Yet strangely, I was in Wantage this morning and didn’t notice the damage. I guess when you see something every day you don’t really take it in.

Happy New Year ….. let’s hope it gets better than this.

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