Oops corrections to "Gigging For It" entry

U read my blog and has corrected me on the information I posted about Nigel Powell’s former band …. I’ll try and get my facts right in future!

So, just to clear up any confusion …

“The Unbelievable Truth (an early nineties band that U was very keen

on, he ran the official website and followed them all over the place.”


They dropped the definitive article after their debut single (Building,

Shifty Disco Feb ’97).

So Unbelievable Truth were a late 90s band.

U had his own unofficial website – Nigel did the official one!

And U only saw them 22 times between 1st April 1998 (Chelmsford) and

Sept 16th September 2000 (Oxford)…!!!

Happy now?! :0)

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