Restarting my blog

I'm starting to find my private diary site a bit tedious (nothing exciting happens in my life any more!) and am confused by the complexities of Facebook so I'm going to try and use this blog more to comment on news, sport and websites. There's been so much going on lately that I've got an opinion on but I haven't recorded my thoughts. I know no one actually reads this stuff anyway so what the hell, I can say what I like!


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0 thoughts on “Restarting my blog”

  1. No, you can’t – not on my patch, Sunshine! I read your blogs and may well disagree with what you say … Probably I’ll agree on a sunny day, but look out for rainy days! Meantime – have a nice day, as those Americans say.


  2. Feel free to disagree whenever possible!!!

    BTW, do I know you or are you a random blog stalker??

  3. I’m not a random blog stalker. That means I probably won’t disagree with you!

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