Book Review: One Glass Is Never Enough

One Glass Is Never Enough
One Glass Is Never Enough by Jane Wenham-Jones

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I've heard mention of Jane Wenham-Jones' name a lot recently – I know she does a lot of workshops and writing holidays etc. SO I thought it was time I read some of her work – and sadly I wasn't impressed. This book is about three very different women who buy into a bar. Each has their own reason for wanting to be involved with the business, but it seemed to me that one person got landed with all the work while the other two spent their time swanning round drinking the profits! Very annoying … Anyway, I didn't really take to any of the characters and did consider giving up fairly early on. I stuck with it to the end, and it did get a bit better as the characters developed – I liked the man that Gaynor (the drun) took up with (bu felt rather sorry for him for ending up with her!) I finished the book about a month ago and actually can't remember enough of it to write a proper review … obviously didn't make a huge impression on me, and I won't be rushing out to read more by this author either.

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