Review: Revenge Of The Tide

Revenge Of The Tide
Revenge Of The Tide by Elizabeth Haynes
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I thought Elizabeth Haynes’ first novel, Into the Darkest Corner, was an amazing achievement for a new author and was even more surprised to discover that I knew the author via an online forum! But I approached this, her second book, with some trepidation – was the first novel beginners’ luck, and how would this one ever compare? I’m pleased to say Revenge of the Tide is every bit as good as the first book and really demonstrates that the writer is extraordinary talented.

At the start of Revenge of the Tide we meet Genevieve, ex sales rep and part time pole dancer who has left behind her life in London to live on a boat on the river in Kent. We also meet her neighbours, the slightly hippyish folk who have also chosen to live on houseboats. All seems well till the night of Genevieve’s boat warming party when she discovers the body of one of her dancing friends in the water. Gradually other odd things start to happen and we’re pulled into a nightmarish world where Genevieve’s new life and sleazy past clash with potentially devastating consequences.

Some excellent writing brings all the characters to life and the comparison between the idyllic life on water and the flashbacks to the London club scenes work really well.

A really great read – recommended!

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