Review: The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No
The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No by Tracy Engelbrecht
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this Kindle book about the life of a girl who got pregnant at 14, but I would have liked it to go a little deeper into how she really felt and how people responded to her. The early part, about her life as a “normal” teenager and the shock of discovering she was pregnant, was really interesting but then she kind of went from the early baby days to toddlerdom in about three pages. The section sbout finding a nursery was an eye opener but then there was a lot of boring stuff about work and the men she met which I really wasn’t fussed about at all. I would much rather have read about what life was like bringing up her baby, how other mums responded to her and so on.
An enjoyable read overall though.

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