Book Review: The Guy Selling Rubbish

The Guy Selling Rubbish
The Guy Selling Rubbish by Jack Williams
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A freebie Kindle book and a quick read (well under a hour) that gave me a snigger or two. After attempting to seel so,e rubbish on ebay for a laugh, the guy in the book is challenged by a friend to sell more and make some money. Over the next few months he attempts to sell such oddities as a blank piece of paper, an Air guitar and an empty plastic bottle. Much of the book is actually filled with screenshots of his ebay sales and statistics – viewers 5, bids 0 type of thing. Astoundingly he does actually sell a couple of items but though I found it. Occasionally funny, I didn’t really get a lot more from this book.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Guy Selling Rubbish”

  1. May I say that I found your review rather harsh. I read this book as a result of your review, and found it heartfelt, gripping and a good read. I recommended to my friends, and have not paid for a drink since.
    I am not gay, but should I ever meet the author, would certainly consider letting him shave me.
    Martin Bellafonte.

  2. Had to approve this as it made me giggle! I thought I was actually pretty nice about the book, not harsh at all. But then again I wasn’t attempting to coerce the author into letting me provide him with personal services …!

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