Review: The Serial Dater’s Shopping List

The Serial Dater's Shopping List
The Serial Dater’s Shopping List by Morgen Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having had a fair amount of experience of Internet dating myself I was intrigued to read this, where a newspaper journalist is given a project – to use a local Internet dating site to find and meet 31 guys in 31 days. Of course after a promising start with date number 1 she meets various losers, misogynists, freaks and weirdos, and after each date she does her best to write about them for her column in as diplomatic a way as she can. I was surprised that none of her dates ever complained about being “used” for the project – surely at least one of them must have read the newspaper?- and the ending was a bit predictable, but overall this was a fun read and I could relate to many of the problems encountered on the dates.

Loses a star as I spotted loads of typos including words repeated and sentences that changed direction halfway through, which was annoying.

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