#31 Visit Buscot House and photograph the gardens

I’ve been talking about going to Buscot House for a few years now but never actually managed it , despite it being only a few minutes’ drive away. I put it on the list to make sure it got done! Today we had some sunshine for the first time in ages so I suggested we go to Buscot to make the most of the weather – and the gardens, though not yet in bloom, were well worth the visit.

The gardens are obviously beautifully maintained and I’m definitely going back again when the flowers are in season – the flowerbeds are packed to bursting with plants and rose bushes and I’m sure it must be a spectacular sight in summer! However, even this early in the year there’s enough to hold your interest, with the peaceful water gardens, the wonderful sculptures dotted round the gardens and a few unexpected surprises, such as the terracotta soldiers and the swinging garden.

So we have discovered a new treasure right on our doorstep. It cost £5 each to get into the gardens and I’m sure we’ll be back!

We even had our first ice cream of the year!

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