Fame …. but not quite what I wanted!

Because I’m now 4Networking Area Leader for all of Oxfordshire I decided last week to send out a press release to the local papers about the groups. I had to have an angle for the story – that there are four successful groups already isn’t newsworthy enough – so I adapted one of the official 4N press releases to suit the purpose, changing “New group leader” to “New area leader” – but essentially the bulk of the article was about how fab 4Networking is.

Well, see for yourselves, this is what I sent:

Business networking organisation appoints new local area leader

National business networking organisation 4Networking has appointed a new Area Leader to grow and develop its breakfast groups in Oxfordshire.

Alison Neale, of Proof Fairy Publishing, says: “I’ve been a member of 4Networking for a while now and the unique format and style just suit me so well that when this opportunity came along I leapt at it.

“Being the Area Leader allows me to help new and existing members to develop their businesses by organising breakfast meetings with a relaxed format that is 50% business, 50% social and really works. I also choose ‘4Sight’ speakers to deliver informative and entertaining 10 minute presentations at every meeting. I’m really passionate about business networking as it works so well for me, and relish the chance to help others get the best they can out of it.”

4Networking celebrates its 4th birthday this spring and currently has four groups in Oxfordshire, which are part of a network of over 200 groups across England, Scotland and Wales. The organisation has over 20,000 members nationwide who are linked through the breakfast meetings and a very active website, www.4networking.biz .

Alison goes on to say: “For anyone who has never experienced breakfast networking before and who might want an easy and ‘safe’ first go, I really recommend they come along to a 4Networking meeting. I, or one of my team, will explain the format to them before the meeting and they will even get a free Pocket Guide, explaining how to get the very best from breakfast and online networking.”

The four Oxfordshire groups meet every fortnight in Abingdon, Faringdon, Oxford and Witney. For more information visit the website at www.4networking.biz or contact Alison Neale on 01367 888229.

Anyway, it’s been published on the website … but has been hugely cut so it’s all about me and barely anything about 4N! Not exactly what I had in mind … I think it may also be in the “In Business” colour supplement that comes out with the Oxford Times; if it is I hope they will have printed the complete article! I guess it’s getting the 4Networking name out there (and The Proof Fairy) but still, not quite what I was expecting to see!

Here’s the website article

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