First Oxfordshire Tweetup

I went to my first ever “tweetup” last night, at Fallowfields Hotel near Abingdon. And it was fun, even if I did end up spending most of my time talking to people I already knew!

There were around 40 Twitter people from all over the county and we were a fairly random mix of folk. Obviously there were the IT people, often (but not always) the first to take up a new internet craze, but there were also several photographers, a dentist, a (rather fabulous!) eco mum, some marketing guys, a gardener, my 15 year old daughter and lots of other people I didn’t get to meet.

We started the evening with some open networking. We’d all been given name stickers but the handwriting was rather small and difficult to read without a lot of peering at people’s chests, so I chatted with some people I know through 4Networking, looked out for people I knew through Twitter and wanted to meet, but didn’t do a very good job of circulating! Many of us then had dinner, it’s Pie Night at Fallowfieds on Monday so we sat down and waited (quite a while, unfortunately) for pies …. but they were well worth the weight, individual pies (pork, beef or vegetable) from Fallowfields’ own farm, with delicious creamy mash and veg.

I left at about 9pm having met some lovely people and developed friendships with people I already know. After all, that’s what Twitter is all about, isn’t it, relationships.

I hope there will be another Tweetup locally and perhaps I’ll be brave enough to make some new friends next time!

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