Gumtree Daily Deals – a warning. Scam?

UPDATE: Amazing what voicing your issues on social media can achieve. I’ve been trying to contact Gumtree for a fortnight about this problem without any success, yet within four hours of me writing this post and talking about them on Twitter and Facebook they have been in contact and given me a refund.

Thanks for doing the decent thing, Gumtree – but it’s a shame it took a social media campaign to get to this stage. You’ve lost me as a customer.

A quick warning for anyone tempted to buy a Gumtree Daily Deal. Gumtree send out email every day offering special offers on products and services, much like Groupon and other such organisations. I bought one of the Gumtree Daily Deals back in February. I paid my money vis Paypal ( to Gumtree) and received a voucher code which I then used on another website,, to place my order. I received a confirmation on of my order and then …. Nothing. I have since sent half a dozen emails to’s customer services using both the supplied email address and the form on their website. No reply. I’ve tried to call them but the phone disconnects. I’ve also sent three emails to Gumtree asking them to either confirm despatch of the item or arrange a refund. As far as I am concerned I paid Gumtree so they are the ones who should reimburse me.

Because I’ve had no reply to any of my emails I’ve started trying to contact Gumtree via social media. My tweets to @gumtree_uk have been ignored and the messages I’ve posted on their Facebook wall have been deleted. this is definitely a company who are trying to abdicate responsibility for the inadequacy of their promoted supplier!

Fortunately the amount I have lost is quite small. However, I’ve done some snooping and have found other people have lost larger amounts of money on Gumtree Daily Deals – people paid around £100 for vouchers for Android tablets, again from, which were never received, and other people paid money for mobile phones which either didn’t arrive or were of poor quality when they did.

I’ve jut emailed Gumtree again today so I’ll let you know if anything happens but in the entire my advice would be to steer clear of Gumtree Daily Deals – in my opinion they are a scam!

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13 thoughts on “Gumtree Daily Deals – a warning. Scam?”

  1. Exactly the same as happened to me. Mine as been going on since 21st February. I have just received an email from saying i didn’t pay the £3.95 p&p. According to my invoice there was no p&p charge. Now there wanting me to send £3.95 out so they can send my item. Iv’e told them to send my item first then i will pay them. Gumtree also sent me an email saying they sent me a message and they hope they answered all my questions. I didn’t even get a message from them. I emailed back asking for a refund. Lets see if i have to wait another 2months for a reply or my refund.

  2. I had a similar problem with Gumtree Daily Deals and It took nearly five weeks to receive an Android tablet. At one point I had basically given up hope of receiving it. To be fair, it appeared eventually . . . and it works too. My main gripe is the (almost) total lack of communication from both parties. I suspect that a bulk order was placed for a consignment of tablets from some backstreet Chinese sweatshop and they had difficulties in fulfilling the order due to component delays, (or cashflow issues). If there was a genuine problem, it would not have been unreasonable for customers to have been notified of the cause for delay in dispatch. I would be interested to know how many customers’ orders have now been successfully completed. Gumtree must be fully aware of the bad publicity created. There are numerous negative reviews on for and it wouldn’t surprise me if the company was to be wound up, only for it to reappear under another name. My experience would make me very wary of the Gumtree Daily Deals and Groupon “business model”. For prospective customers, I would certainly do some research on any company you intend dealing with, (especially where a substantial sum of money is involved). Keep a PDF record of all correspondence and only pay by credit card.

  3. Tell me about it, I bought 2 vouchers to go on a Photography walking Tour around London for my son and granddaughter on February 18th and I have been trying ever since to get it sorted, they’ve offered me a refund after having told me its my responsibility to contact LA studios who just plug the phone into an answer machine! You’ll love this, I have phoned them 63 times in all and left 23 messages! Following the 23rd message I received an email – EUREKA I thought but they asked me to give them the names of the people going on the Tour, sent email back and NOTHING since! That was 3 weeks ago – I feel like I could throttle them for being so downright RUDE!
    Anyway I contacted Citizens Advice Direct this morning and they have told me what I thought to be correct and that is that I dont have to accept the refund I can go and book it myself and am quite within my rights to charge Gumtree the difference and also claim for cost of phone calls. So whatch this space!!!! By the way, I always pay with PAYPAL!

  4. Good luck. I think these bargain sites are a great idea in principle but there do seem to be an awful lot of issues with delivering goods/fulfilling orders etc.

  5. Communication really does seem to be the biggest issue. I think we can all cope with something coming a little later than planned so long as we all know about it. If these companies are suffering a backlog a simple email to apologise for the delay and with a new delivery date would keep us happy. it’s the complete lack of communication that is annoying because you just don’t know what’s going on or whether you’ve been ripped off.

  6. Please do not believe any of the ‘fake’ positive reviews on this webiste. After making a purchase through ‘Gumtree Daily Deals’ I received my android tab 8 weeks after I placed my order, after numerous unanswered emails and calls to chase where it was. Once I received the tab I was appalled to find that it had been used before, as the previous owner had even left the photographs they had taken with the integrated camera on the tab. When trying to download content from lovefilm and other various reputable sites I was always told that as the tab was ‘rooted’ that I could not download anything. Apparently from the information I have read ‘rooted’ is the tab version of a gaming device being ‘chipped’!
    I have sent over 2 dozen emails to the company which have gone unanswered and also called the number many many times only to be told there is no one time take my call.
    I also raised a dispute with my credit card company over the transaction as I thought that purchasing it in the first place on my credit card would afford me some kind of protection. Alas as the money goes to gumtree and only purchases a voucher and not to I am not covered and now have a useless piece of crap cluttering up my living room. I am unable to return the goods as no one will respond to my emails and I am unable to get my money back.

  7. Totally waste of money and time this gumtreedeals garbage. I had to wait 4-5 weeks for a simple product earlier but fell for them once again and I am now waiting for a second one since 4 weeks. Would try to stay away from them from now.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I had the same trouble with KGB Deals. They took over three months to resolve the issue and as I’m waiting for a cheque it’s not over yet. These companies try yo hide behind agency law, but I’m sure if the agent itself benefits from a transaction they can be liable.

  9. Same problem only now Gumtree have decided to close down. Bought a £15 voucher to make a purchase at but first the product did not appear on there site then when it did the voucher code didn’t work. After emailing they issued me with another code which required me to pay an additional £25 plus postage. Can’t do anything about Gumtree but BEWARE which also trades as littletreatsgiftshop which is run by someone called Joanna Cassels

  10. i found this page when trying to google some gumtree issues.

    they have been emailing me about adverts i replied too, first of all, i didnt know gumtree existed, secondly because i didnt know it existed; i never visited. yet i get these mails every day saying you successfully replied to this advert, that advert etc etc.

    ive emailed them, but no response, ive rang them, but no joy’s – just said they found nothing. yet i still continue each day to recieve emails.

    anyone know anything or heard about this?

    (they are all about cruelty to animal responses too, never anything different).

    they say my email doesnt exist in their system 🙁

  11. Same for me – I bought a gumtree daily deals voucher for cleaning – the company say they’ve never heard of it. I emailed the main site as I had no reply from customer services for the daily deals – they say it’s a separate office & nothing to do with them. What should we do next? I’m thinking of contacting the Guardian consumer page.

  12. Probably worth doing, especially considering the problems seem to be with all sorts of Gumtree offers, not just one product or one supplier.

  13. I have read all the comments about Gumtree daily deals and couldn`t believe how a company like this can get away with it.I found myself in the same position last year.After purchasing a two night break in april for £159.00 thinking this would be ideal for my husband and i anniversary gift.Unfortunately due to ill health i was in hospital for a long time.I was starting to get back on my feet in july so i rang the hotel to confirm dates,only to find out they were fully booked.They told me to ring gumtree as they were the ones in control of the deal and the money went direct to them.I sent numerous e-mails and eventually got a reply.There was a someone calld Emma and she promised a full refund into my account by 31.7.12.Unfortunately i never received that refund.Even if they had credited my account or extended the dates that would have been great.But NO nothing,ive lost all that money and after being in hospital yet again i could do with a relaxing break.This has put immense stress on me and the family.NEVER AGAIN.

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