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I’ve recently won three months gym membership and as this is my best opportunity ever of losing weight and getting fit, I’m going to do the best I can! Thought I’d plot my progress here.

So, I’ll post each trip in a separate entry, starting with this one – my fitness and goal setting session on Mon 20th October.

Hmm, very unfit. I did a test on the treadmill which monitored how much of my full heart capacity I use doing exercise and on a scale of 1 (almost dead) to 12 (super fit) I’m a level 3. Definitely room for improvement! I was also weighed – 96 kg (15 stone 1lb) – and my blood pressure was very slightly higher than it should be.

I returned on Thurs 23rd and Dave, my trainer, gave me my personalised programme, aimed at weight loss and general fitness. Two days of cardiovascular exercise and one day of toning on the weight machines. We went through every exercise and he noted down all the adjustments I’d need to make to seats, weights and effort levels. he’s given me goals but I need to work up to them rather than feel disappointed if I don’t reach them instantly. I have a review booked in 4 weeks time – so let’s see what I can do between now and then!

So – the programme I’m aiming for is:
CV days –
Treadmill – 15 mins walking at 5.5km/hr on a gradient of 5
Cycling – 10 mins on programme 1 or 6, effort level 3/4
Rowing – 2 x 1000m, resistance 5
Wave – 10 mins, level 3

Toning days:
10 different machines (I think) to give full workout. 3 sets of 12 reps on each. Weights range from 5kg to 20kg depending on machine

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