First proper workout Fri 24th October

My first “proper” go in the gym, squeezed in while Dan was at footie training.

I did the cardiovascular programme and it went like this:

Treadmill – 10 mins at 5.5km/hr, gradient 5
I was keeping an eye on my heart rate, trying to keep it below 160bpm but towards the end it was getting really high, 164+ and I got a warning “HIGH HEART RATE” flash up!!! Scary ….. I think I need to keep an eye o this and concentrate on breaqthing properly to keep it lower.

Cycling – 7 mins, programme 1, effort 3
This felt alright though I was pretty tired by the end.

Rowing – 1000m
Exhausting – I was fine up to about 600m but then really struggled to do the last 400. No way I could have done another 1000m afterwards!

Wave – 3 mins
I conked out on this one and only managed 3 mins! Shocking. I found it really difficult though.

Came out feeling good though – tired but good.

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