Happy Christmas!

So today has been all about peeling spuds, chopping carrots, crossing sprouts (why do we cross sprouts? Does anyone know?) and making trifle. My mum is the trifle making expert of the world but as she's not here this year she has passed her legendary trifle recipe on to me and I've done my best to recreate it. Time will tell whether there's enough sherry in it …

After tomorrow's dinner was prepped, the final presents were wrapped and the hall was hoovered we gathered as a family (Katie having enticed Dan out of his pit for the first time in months) to play a game or three of Buzz while demolishing the best part of a bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream and watching some telly. This evening has involved a couple of pints down The Folly, jacket potatoes with chilli, wine and falling asleep in front of the box. We're now watching Come Dine With Me before bedtime and a visit from the Man in Red.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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