Christmas Day in Pictures

Looks like Santa came (and left a polar bear!)
Mr Grumpy came too ...
... But he soon cheered up when he opened his presents.
There were some weird and wonderful presents ...
... some mystery guests ...
... Biscuits ... Or are they cakes? ...
... and lots of nice surprises!
And we made a bit of a mess.
I got some lovely presents.
Lunchtime drinks in the pub.
Think this is the only photo of me from yesterday!
Dinner was delicious.
In fact, everyone thought dinner was delicious!
Best Xmas cracker toys ever - Racing Santas!
And we ended the day by burning Steve's magnificent Xmas pud ๐Ÿ™‚

Before you go, here are a couple of videos. the first is Socks the cat taking an interest in one of Steve’s high quality presents from Katie:

And here’s another of Steve’s amazing presents … His very own Hilary Devey action figure!

Happy Christmas everyone – I hope your day was as good as ours!


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